Why Disney Parks Are The Best For Souvenir Shopping

Disneyland Ears

Dreamers of all ages can agree that there is nothing more magical than a vacation to the Disney Parks. Before a visit, guests can buy character shirts, pins, and Mickey ears beforehand. However, there is something special about buying a souvenir inside the Disney Parks. Read on to learn about some of my favorite souvenirs from the Disney Parks!

Disney-themed Christmas Ornaments

At the Magic Kingdom, Guests can enter the “Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe.” No matter what time of year visitors stay at Walt Disney World, they are transported into a Christmas wonderland from the moment they enter this store. This genuinely magical shop has Christmas smells, sounds, and decorations everywhere. Every day from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, guests can experience year-round Christmas magic. Consider a Christmas ornament when thinking of a souvenir to commemorate a magical trip. Whenever the ornament is hung on the tree, memories of the magical Disney vacation will come to mind. Prices vary depending on the ornament selected, but the joy-inducing souvenir will last years to come. 

Disney Christmas Ornament
Disney Christmas Ornament. Photo: Emily Murray

Disney Silhouettes

 Are you looking for a personalized souvenir to commemorate your magical stay at the Disney Parks? Consider a Disney Silhouette Drawing. They are a perfect customized souvenir to remember your time in the parks. These silhouettes are available across the Walt Disney World resort, but the primary two locations are in Magic Kingdom. 

The first location is on Main Street, and the other is outside the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square. The Disney artist will silhouette a guest’s face in an old-timey format. The best part? Guests can bring home and display the framed portrait forever!

Disney World Ice cream
Look for the silhouette cart on Center Street! Photo: Emily Murray

Disney Pins

Disney Pins are sold at any gift shop at the Walt Disney World Resort. While guests can buy pins in bulk on places like Amazon.com, there are exclusive pins that can only be purchased inside the parks. For example, if you are staying at Disney’s Beach Club Villas or Disney’s Boulder Ridge Villas, check out the gift shop for the exclusive resort-themed pin. When these pins are taken home, memories of the magical stay at the Disney Resort Hotel will come to mind.

If you are not looking for a Disney Resort Hotel pin, consider buying a starter pack of trading pins from a resort or theme park gift shop. Guests can trade any of these pins with a Cast Member. Looking at pin trading boards and finding a desirable one is always a delight. Happy trading.

Ludwig Von Drake Pivot Pin
Ludwig Von Drake Pivot Pin. Photo: Emily Murray.

Disney Mickey Ear Hats

Guests can purchase Mickey Ears at on DisneyStore.com. They can also create their own Mickey Ears. However, there is nothing more magical than buying a Mickey Ear Hat at the Walt Disney World Resort. One of the benefits of buying a hat at the theme parks is the opportunity to get it engraved with a name. It is such a special personal touch.

Wanda Ears. Photo: Emily Murray.

No matter what souvenirs are purchased, they will be the perfect memento of a wonderful time at the most magical place on earth. We hope you make memories that last a lifetime. 

Featured Photo: Emily Murray.

Written by

Laura B.

Laura fell in love with Disney Parks as a child, and the affection has never left. As an adult, she enjoys making frequent trips to Disney World with her family and friends.