What is the Minimum Number of DVC Points You Can Buy?

Minimum DVC Points to Buy

Purchasing a Disney Vacation Club contract is an exciting, life changing event and something many of us dream of for many years before making a reality. While there are many factors to consider when purchasing a DVC contract, one of the first steps in the buying process is deciding how many DVC points to purchase. While you may have the perfect number in mind, you should keep in mind that there is a minimum number of DVC points you can buy.

Minimum DVC Points If Buying Direct

Over the years Disney Vacation Club has fluctuated on the minimum number of points they would sell a new buyer. As of January 2020, officially the minimum number of DVC points new buyers can purchase directly from Disney is 100 points. This coincides with Disney’s policy change last year that now requires new buyers to purchase at least 100 points direct from Disney in order to qualify for all DVC membership perks.

However, while it is true that Disney only officially markets their newer resorts with a minimum of 100 points, there have been cases in which Disney has sold smaller point contracts to owners. These exceptions could be based on their current inventory, market trends, sales goals, etc. Additionally, current owners are sometimes offered smaller add-on contracts of 25 to 50 points. Keep in mind that Disney’s sales initiatives and inventory are subject to change at any time which can affect what they have available or are willing to sell at the DVC sales centers.

Minimum DVC Points If Buying Resale

Every DVC owner has the right to sell their contract(s) on the resale market. Meaning, that on the resale market you can find a wide range of point contracts being sold. While there is technically no minimum number of DVC points you can buy on the resale market, the smallest point contract ever available has been 25 points

In the past Disney sold these 25 point contracts as add-ons to current owners of DVC. Therefore, periodically these smaller point contracts become available for sale on the resale market. Purchasing a small point contract can be a great way to enter the world of DVC ownership or can be a great add-on to your existing DVC contract. While 25 point contracts are somewhat of a rarity on the resale market, 30 point contracts also become available from time to time. Seen even more frequently are 50 point contracts which are available as resales at a variety of resorts. 

Keep in mind that DVC contracts cannot be split. Therefore, if an owner has a 300 point contract they cannot sell only 50 of their points to another individual. If the 300 point DVC owner no longer wants their contract the only option they have is to sell the contract in its entirety. Aside from selling, owners do have the right to rent their annual points each year to other individuals. To learn more about rentals, contact our DVC Shop Rentals division.

To view current DVC contracts available for sale, click the following link for DVC Shop resale listings.

Katherine Rand

DVC Shop Editorial Team

2 comments on “What is the Minimum Number of DVC Points You Can Buy?

  1. if I had two 50 point contracts, can I combine those points to book one stay? Also is this a beneficial way to open an 11 month window to more than one resort? Thanks

    1. Hi Troy,
      2 contracts can be combined.

      If they are the same resort they can be combined at 11 months, if different resorts they cannot be combined until 7 months.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

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