Top Ten Tips for Using A Stroller At Disney Parks

Disney Stroller Tips

Planning your vacation at Disney World can be so exciting, but also a daunting prospect. This is especially true for those guests who come with young children, and will have to use a stroller as they explore the parks. A full day at the parks often involves walking approximately 20,000 steps per day, and having a stroller for your younger children will make the experience easier and more enjoyable for them. While the idea of pushing a stroller for the whole day may seem intimidating, here are a few tips on how to make your experience more smoothly.

1.) Bring Your Own Stroller

Bringing your own stroller can make your trip significantly easier and cheaper, if you’re able to travel with it. Stroller rentals at Disney World can add up pretty quickly, and they all look exactly alike. When at attractions, guests usually have to park their strollers outside, and sometimes the attractions Cast Members are responsible for organizing the strollers. Finding your stroller again can be difficult, but is made easier if you have your own, distinctive stroller.

2.) Know the Size Guidelines for Strollers

As of May 1, 2019, Disney World updated their restrictions on size and type of strollers in order to ease guest flow and reduce congestion around the parks, especially when they’re busy. Stroller wagons are no longer permitted, and strollers themselves can be no larger than 31in. (79cm) wide and 52in. (132cm) long at their longest and widest points. If a guest brings a stroller that does not fall within the size guidelines, they can rent a stroller. If they have additional questions on stroller policies, they can contact Guest Relations.  

3.) Rent A Stroller at the Parks

If you do wish to rent a stroller at Disney World, you do have a couple options. Single stroller rentals (for children under 50lbs) are $15 daily, or $13 per day if you rent it for the length of your stay. Double stroller rentals (for children under 100lbs) are $31 daily, or $27 per day for a length of stay rental. At the end of the day at the theme park, guests should return their stroller to the rental location at the front of the park.

4.) Familiarize Yourself with your Stroller

Whether you brought your own stroller or are using a rental, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re familiar with its features and how they work before venturing inside the parks with it. Make sure you can easily brake, collapse, and maneuver it, and always make sure you have something to identify your stroller with. There will be hundreds of other strollers around the park while you’re there, so it’s a good idea to have an easy way to find your stroller. The Disney rental strollers provide guests with a paper “license plate” that the family can write their name on. You could also use a ribbon, string lights, duct tape, or key chains to mark your personal stroller.

5.) Be Prepared for Weather

It’s always important to keep in mind the weather in Central Florida. In the summer, it rains almost every afternoon, and when it’s usually hot and humid. When it rains in the winter, it tends to drizzle the entire day. Regardless of which season you’re visiting Disney World in, it can be helpful to be prepared for the weather you may have. To protect your stroller from the rain, you might want to buy a water-repellant stroller cover ahead of time, but a poncho can also work. It’s also useful to carry an extra towel or two with you, to mop up any rain that does get inside the stroller. You also may want to buy a stroller fan to help your children combat the heat.

6.) Plan How to Load Up and Care for the Stroller

Throughout the day in the parks, guests tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, which they put on the stroller. One important thing to keep in mind is to not put any heavy bags or backpacks on the top of the stroller or on its handles, because once your child steps out of the stroller, chances are the stroller will fall backward, weighed down by the bags. In addition, all guests should take any valuables out of their stroller while they are inside attractions, just in case their stroller does get accidentally taken. It’s also good to keep in mind that you should keep any food you leave in the strollers tightly closed and sealed in a Ziplock bag or container, because birds and squirrels in the parks are not afraid to come up and start eating your food, whether or not you’re there.

7.) Prepare Yourself for Navigating the Parks

It’s important to be aware while navigating the parks, whether or not you have a stroller, but doubly more so with one. In the U.S., people tend to walk to the right side, but it’s not a hard and fast rule, and sometimes crowd control and attractions Cast Members will direct guests in certain directions or toward certain walkways, especially during events, shows and parades, busy days, and at park close. Make sure to follow Cast Members’ directions, as well as the flow of traffic in order to avoid any accidents.

8.) Watch the Road

The Disney parks are incredible, with new and impressive things to look at in every direction. It’s important to remember to pay attention when you’re navigating through the parks, much as you would while watching the road while driving a car. It’s incredibly easy to accidentally get into a family’s photo, run into another guest (or Cast Member!), or to collide when another guest in front of you swerves or comes to a sudden stop. This is even more important to be aware of on crowded days or during events. Keep your eyes on the road, don’t come to any sudden stops, and pull to the side if you need to consult your map or itinerary.

9.) Keep in Mind That Sometimes Strollers Are Moved

As mentioned above, guests often have to park their strollers outside shows and attractions. Usually there is a designated area for strollers, and while the guests are inside the show/attraction, there is a Cast Member assigned to organize the strollers to ensure they are within the designated area and are neat and orderly. Sometimes this means that when you come out of the show, you won’t immediately find your stroller, so don’t panic. Chances are if you look carefully through the parked strollers, you’ll find yours. In addition, if you left your stroller somewhere and can’t find it, make sure to ask a Cast Member where the closest stroller parking is, as it most likely will be there. Again, this is another reason why it’s so important to make sure you can distinguish your stroller from others, or if you rent a stroller, to have a family “license plate” on yours. 

10.) Park the Stroller and Walk to Parades / Fireworks

Usually it’s easier to observe the parades and fireworks, especially at Magic Kingdom, without the stroller. Children generally are unable to see properly from that far down, and parking the stroller somewhere else frees up space for both your family and others. If it’s a show or parade during the day, usually there’s a stroller parking area nearby. It can also be helpful to park the stroller at the next attraction you plan to go to after the show, and then stake out a spot for the parade/show. Maneuvering without the stroller is also much easier, and it makes it much more convenient to find a spot with a good view.

Navigating the parks can be tricky, especially with a stroller and children. These tips should give guests a better idea of what to expect, and how to make your time at the parks easier and more enjoyable. Once you’re in the park and if you are confused about something concerning the stroller, you can always ask a Cast Member for help, or ask a Guest Relations Team Member. They’re always happy to help answer any questions you might have and make your trip easier!

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