Top Disney-Themed Loungefly Backpacks You Can Find In Disney Springs (Spring 2022)

World of Disney at Disney Sprigs

If you have ever been to a Disney park you will have seen the adorable backpacks that many Guests carry. The Loungefly Mini Backpacks come in a huge variety of characters and themes and make perfect souvenirs. World of Disney houses the largest assortment of Loungefly Backpacks, but the inventory is constantly changing. Here are the top Disney-themed Loungefly backpacks you can find in Disney Springs right now!

50th Anniversary “Earidescent” Minnie Loungefly

50th Anniversary "Earidescent" Minnie Loungefly in gold
50th Anniversary “Earidescent” Minnie Loungefly sporting gold sequins and shine

Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary brought out a ton of new and exclusive merchandise to the parks and to Disney Springs. The 50th Anniversary “Earidescent” Minnie Loungefly looks utterly opulent. The gold sequins on the bow, ears, and front zipper pocket bring out the gold flashes in the reflective material. The rainbow colors that flash at different angles make it a perfect accessory for any outfit.

“Inside Out” Loungefly

Loungefly Mini Backpack featuring "Inside Out" characters
Loungefly Mini Backpack featuring “Inside Out” characters

The movie “Inside Out” features some extremely lovable and memorable characters. With the new Inside Out Loungefly you can bring along every emotion you can imagine. Characters including the beloved Bing Bong decorate the bag with each backpack having a unique pattern. The navy blue leather is highlighted by light blue embellishments in the form of rain drops, flowers, and sparkles. The zipper appears to be stacked memories in the color of each emotion, perfectly tying the theme together. This Loungefly gives us all the feels!

The Enchanted Tiki Room Loungefly

Enchanted Tiki Room Themed Loungefly
Enchanted Tiki Room Themed Loungefly featuring birds and tiki gods

The Enchanted Tiki Room is a classic Disney attraction and now you can enjoy it as a Loungefly backpack as well! This Loungefly is a deep Jungle green color and sports images of golden tiki gods, vibrant flowers, and the lovable singing birds that perform in the Tiki Room. This backpack is perfect for the old school fans.

Kevin From “Up” Loungefly

Kevin's face is featured on this mini Loungefly backpack
Kevin’s face is featured on this mini Loungefly backpack so you can keep her with you always!

Some of the best Loungefly backpacks out there have to be the characters. They are adorable and fun, as well as functional. This Kevin Loungefly is one of the only ones in Disney Springs right now with the character head as the design. This silly bird is one of the most popular ones, and has luckily been at World of Disney for over a year now. We adore this bag and hopefully this bird won’t need to go back to Paradise Falls any time soon!

Minnie Mouse Sequin Loungefly

Minnie Mouse Sequin Loungefly features black sequins with white polka dots
Minnie Mouse Sequin Loungefly features black sequins with white polka dots

The Minnie Mouse Sequin Loungefly is one of the most classic Disney-themed backpacks available. The backpack is mostly black and covered in sequins, also sporting white polka dots, and has black mouse ears on the top. The Minnie Mouse inspired look is completed with Minnie’s iconic red and white bow on the top.

Purple Wall Loungefly

Magic Kingdom's Purple Wall Loungefly Backpack
Magic Kingdom’s Purple Wall is highlighted in this Loungefly backpack

One of the more unique Disney Loungefly Backpacks in World of Disney right now is the Purple Wall Loungefly. The Purple Wall is located in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland and is a favorite spot for a photo in the park. This Loungefly might be a little more obscure than other Disney-themed bags, but the sharp lines and various bright purple shades also make it one of the most stunning.

Donald and Daisy Duck “Love” Loungefly

Donald and Daisy Duck "Love" Loungefly Backpack
Donald and Daisy Duck “Love” Loungefly backpack

The Donald and Daisy Duck “Love” Loungefly backpack show off the couple having the ice cream date of a lifetime. The dark blue leather is a perfect backdrop to the vibrant pinks in the hearts and Mickey shaped balloons, and provides enough contrast to Donald’s iconic blue sailor suit and Daisy’s purple dress.

Olaf Loungefly

Olaf and Snowflake Loungefly Backpack
Olaf Loungefly Backpack will make you feel like you are getting a nice warm hug!

This Olaf Loungefly is so cute you’ll never want to let it go! The backpack is a white leather with pictures of Olaf being his ridiculously entertaining self. Bruni makes an appearance as well all over the bag enjoying the snow with his pal.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Loungefly

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Loungefly backpack
Mickey and Minnie Mouse Loungefly backpack celebrates all of this adorable couples adventures

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are making an appearance on this Loungefly backpack by showing off all of the amazing adventures they have enjoyed over the years. This backpack features all white leather with a very pale blue for the bottom, top, and surrounding the zipper. This allows all of the images of Mickey and Minnie to be highlighted and with all the subtle colors on the bag this backpack will be an adorable addition to any outfit!

Grogu (Baby Yoda) Loungefly

Grogu or Baby Yoda Loungefly Backpack
Grogu Loungefly Backpack celebrates “the child”

When “the child” appeared in “The Mandalorian” on Disney Plus everyone fell in love. Before his name was officially revealed to be Grogu, many fans lovingly dubbed him “baby yoda”. Now you can keep him with you always. This Star Wars Loungefly is a black leather with little white dots to represent stars and all over are images of the adorable Grogu. This backpack would be the perfect accessory for a day in Galaxy’s Edge.

Mickey Mouse the Main Attraction Loungefly

Mickey Mouse the Main Attraction Loungefly Backpack
Mickey Mouse the Main Attraction Loungefly Backpack

This next Loungefly celebrates the mouse who started it all. The Mickey Mouse the Main Attraction Loungefly Backpack features a classic look, just like the original Mickey Mouse. The backpack is mostly white, but the front pocket has a galaxy pattern to it around his two white buttons. The side pockets, as well as the Mickey ears, are a sparkling silver. This Loungefly has the perfect amount of bling!

Pixar Loungefly

Pixar themed Loungefly Backpack
Pixar lovers can rejoice with this Pixar themed Loungefly

This Pixar themed Loungefly backpack features some of the best animated characters that have ever graced the screen. From Toy Story to Up to Cars, there are so many characters to see. Each bag is set on a bright blue leather, with the pattern of characters being unique to each bag. The Pixar Loungefly is a must for any Disney-Pixar fan!

The Amazing Spider-Man Loungefly

The Amazing Spider-Man Loungefly Backpack
The Amazing Spider-Man Loungefly Backpack is just as good as the hero himself

Currently there is not a ton of Marvel themed Loungefly backpacks in Disney Springs, but the one that is in World of Disney right now is the Amazing Spider-Man. This backpack features the sleek red, blue, and black webbed look of Spider-Man’s suit. With this Loungefly backpack, you’ll feel like you can swing through your day in Disney!

Minnie Ears Loungefly

Minnie Ears Loungefly Backpack
Minnie Ears Loungefly Backpack has so many adorable ears to see!

This sleek white Loungefly offers colorful touches in the form of Minnie Mouse ears. There are multiple colors of ears, including the classic black with red bow, so this backpack is able to match anything you may wear to the parks!

Disney Attractions Loungefly

Disney Attractions Loungefly Backpack
Show your love of the parks with the Disney Attractions Loungefly Backpack

One of the best parts of all of the Disney parks is the numerous attractions and rides they have to offer. Now you can carry them with you all the time with this Disney Attractions Loungefly backpack. This bag features some of the most classic attractions such as the ghosts on Haunted Mansion, the Tea Cups from Mad Tea Party, and even the Dapper Dans. Some of the design also features some favorite park snacks such as churros and Dole Whips. This bag truly highlights all that there is to love about being in Disney!

Let’s Go Shopping!

As you can see there are so many different Disney-Themed Loungefly Backpacks to choose from in Disney Springs! So which one of these amazing Loungefly backpacks is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Rachel Van Norman

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Rachel fell deeply in love with all things Disney as a little girl. Now as a wife and a mother herself, she shares this Disney obsession with her son and everyone around her. From her love of princesses to eating all the Disney food, Rachel spends her time radiating Disney magic and keeping everyone up to date on Disney news.

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