Tips On How To Plan A Solo Trip to Disney

Planning solo trip to Disney

While the majority of Disney’s guests travel in groups of two, three or more, there are some of us who love visiting Disney solo. Planning a solo trip to Disney is something only some of us have had the privilege of doing. Going to the parks on your own doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating, it should actually be an immensely fun experience that might actually ruin you for future group travel. Who wouldn’t want to ride only the rides they like, eat only the food they want to eat and stroll around the parks at your own pace and only take bathroom breaks when you need to. Honestly, it sounds like heaven. For those of you thinking of visiting Disney on your own, here are some pro tips on how to plan a solo trip to Disney.

First, it’s important to note that Disney World parks are definitely suited for solo travelers. You don’t have to feel weird, out of place, or unwelcome. Disney is happy that you’re choosing to spend the day with them, even if you’re alone. 

Tip 1

If it’s your first time traveling to Disney alone and you’re a bit apprehensive about the whole idea, try scheduling a park tour. Park tours are a great way to spend the day (or half a day) exploring the parks as part of a small group. In smaller groups, people usually find it easier to strike up conversation with a stranger. You’ll also have a guide, who will be very personable and more than happy to talk to you all day long.

Some of Disney’s most popular tours are:



Tip 2

Just like with any Disney trip, we recommend planning your vacation ahead of your arrival. While you’re free to roam where and when you want, if you plan on visiting a lot of attractions or dining in some of the more popular locations, be sure to book your FastPasses and Advanced Dining Reservations.

Tip 3

While planning your trip, consider how you like to spend your days. If you like waking up late and staying at the parks until closing, plan your days around this schedule. Or maybe you want to lounge at the pool before starting your day at the park. If you’re like me and you just want to eat every cute pastry, ice cream or speciality item available in the park then don’t make lunch reservations. Instead, eat until your heart’s content and make a plan for a nice sitdown dinner after leaving the park.

Tip 4

Give yourself fun goals to achieve each day. For example, visit every Star Wars themed attraction in one day, buy a small candy or treat at every country in the World Showcase, or visit all four theme parks in one day. My favorite goal is to try something new in each park that I’ve never done before. These little goals will help even the shyest of guests feel driven and provide some distraction to your worry.

Tip 5

Choose a resort near all the action. My favorite resort location when traveling to Disney alone is the Boardwalk area. With so many hotels, restaurants, cafes, activities within walking distance you won’t have to spend a lot of alone time getting to all the action. Boardwalk also has some great nighttime entertainment if you want to grab a drink and people watch or strike up a conversation at one of the local bars.

Tip 6

Check out The Solo Theme Park Traveler’s Guide, available on Amazon. This fun guidebook offers tips and tricks to park hopping around the Orlando theme parks. 

Tip 7

Don’t be afraid to strike up conversation with other guests or cast members. Generally most people at the Disney Parks are in happy moods and are excited to talk to other guests. You can even let cast members know you’re traveling alone and they’ll often go above and beyond to make you feel right at home. 

The most important thing to remember when traveling to Disney alone is to have fun. It’s your vacation to do with what you want and no one will be around to chime in with their suggestions or opinions. Keep these tips on how to plan a solo trip to Disney if you’re planning a visit to the happiest place on earth on your own.

Katherine Rand

DVC Shop Editorial Team

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