Over 300 Newborn Animals Born At Walt Disney World Resort This Year

cotton-top tamarin twins at Animal Kingdom theme park

Being a life-long animal lover, Animal Kingdom and the animals that call it home have always held a special place for my family and I. That’s just part of why I’m excited to share that Walt Disney World has had an exciting year, welcoming more than 300 new animal residents!

So Many New Faces At Walt Disney World

This diverse range of births spans from aquatic creatures like cuttlefish and eagle ray pups at The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT to terrestrial mammals such as an aardvark and red river hog piglet, and over 150 birds. These new additions play a vital role in maintaining the health and survival of these animal populations, and the work that is being done at Walt Disney World is truly fascinating.

While we can’t introduce each and every new animal, we can take a peek at some of our favorite additions that have already won the hearts and minds of many guests visiting Walt Disney World this year!

Two Zebra foals at Kilimanjaro Safaris
Two Hartmann’s mountain zebra foals recently debuted at Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Born just six days apart, Cricket and Dot can be seen prancing around the savanna with their parents.

Two Playful Zebra Foals In Kilimanjaro Safaris

Here are some of the new faces guests might encounter during their visit to Walt Disney World. Two Hartmann’s mountain zebra foals, Cricket and Dot, recently made their debut at Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Born just six days apart, they can be seen frolicking around the savanna with their parents, each displaying unique stripe patterns and distinctive personalities.

Check out our recent encounter with this playful pair and see what hijinks they caused on our recent visit to the Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction here: An Unforgettable Encounter With Two Zebra Foals At Kilimanjaro Safaris.

An adorable set of cotton-top tamarin twins were born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park recently. The playful pair love chasing each other through the trees while exploring their Discovery Island habitat and are amazingly acrobatic. (Aaron Wockenfuss, Photographer)

Adorable Twins On Discovery Island

Over on Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, a pair of cotton-top tamarin twins have been charming park guests since they were just one-day old. Now slightly bigger than an adult hand, these nimble twins are starting to navigate their habitat without their parents’ help, showcasing their acrobatic skills as they chase each other through the trees.

Penny, a yellow-backed duiker, at Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail
Penny, a yellow-backed duiker baby, recently made her on-stage debut at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. With mom Pearl by her side, Penny may be seen by guests who look closely as they visit Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail presented by Off! Repellants. (Aaron Wockenfuss, Photographer)

Pearl & Penny At Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

At Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, Pearl, a yellow-backed duiker mom, has been preparing her daughter Penny for the world. After bonding backstage for a few months, Penny recently made her first public appearance. Although yellow-backed duikers are generally shy and reclusive, guests may spot Penny and Pearl during their visit to the trail.

Pixie, a Shetland pony foal at Circle-D Ranch
Pixie the Shetland pony foal was born at Tri-Circle-D Ranch at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. The new foal has already taken her first steps in training to one day join the Cinderella carriage team with her mom Lady and sister Lilly. (Aaron Wockenfuss, Photographer)

Pixie, The New Addition At Tri-Circle-D Ranch

A new addition at Tri-Circle-D Ranch is Pixie, a Shetland pony foal born in July. Though she is the third Shetland pony born at the ranch this year, Pixie is the first Cinderella pony due to her white coat. She is already training to join the Cinderella carriage team alongside her mother Lady and sister Lilly.

Learn More About Disney’s Animal Care

Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment team, together with animal care experts, are dedicated to connecting people with nature through joyful experiences. They celebrate the arrival of these endangered animals, fostered under the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan, and orchestrate their successful introductions to the public.

For a closer look at how Disney cares for its animals and contributes to the protection of species in the wild, you can check out DisneyAnimals.com. Also, if you have Disney+, you can watch seasons one and two of “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom”, which offers a unique opportunity to meet some of the planet’s most fascinating species and the animal care cast members who have formed some remarkable bonds with them!

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