Once I’m A DVC Member, Can I Buy Additional Points?

As A DVC Member, Can I Buy Additional Points?

The short answer is yes, you absolutely can purchase additional points once you’re a DVC Member. Any DVC member, whether they originally purchased direct or resale, may purchase additional point contracts anytime in the future. If like many owners, you have found that after a few years of ownership your original point package is just not large enough to completely fulfill your thirst for Disney vacations you may want to consider buying an additional points.

Why Buy Additional Points?

Aside from buying more points to fulfill your vacation needs, buying additional point contracts can be a smart move for your future. Since DVC Contracts cannot be divided by the owner, having multiple smaller point contracts provides more flexibility than owning a single large point contract. 

For example, if you own two 150 point contracts and decide that you don’t want to or can’t travel as much anymore, you can sell one contract and keep one. Or you can choose to transfer one contract to one child and one contract to another. Owning multiple contracts will provide you with many more choices in the future if you need to make a change to your ownership. Owning a single, large point contract would limit you to selling all points or transferring all points to one person.

Purchasing Additional Points Resale

Purchasing additional point contracts on the resale market is a smart and cost effective way to increase your point availability. While you may have originally purchased direct to secure your blue card and Membership Extras, there is no need for your second (or third) contract to be purchased direct at full price. Additionally, purchasing resale means that you can buy points at any of DVC’s Resorts which may be sold out at the DVC sale centers but readily available on the resale market. Click the following link for current resale listings. 

Purchasing Additional Points Direct

Purchasing additional points direct is also always an option for current DVC members. However, keep in mind that direct purchases will mean direct prices. Additionally, if you are hoping to purchase at an older resort, you may have to wait for the inventory to be available at DVC. While DVC primarily sells inventory at their newer resort locations, occasionally they do acquire points from previous owners, through Right of First Refusal or otherwise, and are then able to sell those points to another buyer. 

When purchasing direct, current members can add any number of points 25 and up, based on current availability. However, in order to finance the add-on must be 50 points or more. 


  • Keep in mind that if would like to maintain only one membership account you should be sure that your second contract is for the same Use Year as the first. 
  • You may purchase a different Use Year for your second contract. Doing so will mean that you will have two membership accounts. However, you will still be able to combine points from both accounts to book your vacations.
  • When purchasing resale or direct, keep in mind that contract expirations vary. Consider the expiration date when making your decision of which contract to purchase.
  • Financing is available for any resale purchase. See our recent  article for more information on financing options.
  • If you’re ready to buy additional points, view our current listings at this link and feel free to contact our representatives with any questions.
  • Do you own multiple contracts? Tell us why love owning multiple contracts below.

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