More Inventory for The Cabins at Fort Wilderness Declared into DVC


In an exciting development for Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members, Disney has recently announced the declaration of 33 more cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort into DVC’s inventory. This expansion more than doubles the accommodations available for DVC members to book at this new resort.

Introduction to Declaration

As new DVC resorts are developed, specific units need to be declared as part of the Disney Vacation Club. Historically, we’ve seen that as Disney sells through it’s initial inventory at a new resort, more and more additional units are added to DVC’s inventory. This allows more units available to book, as well as more points for Disney to sell.

An additional 300 cabins remain undeclared, leaving Disney with the flexibility to offer these cabins for cash rentals or utilize them for various other purposes as it sees fit.

Details on the Newly Declared Cabins


Disney’s recent announcement comes as a significant boost to the DVC inventory, bringing the total number of cabins available to DVC members to 63. Scheduled back on April 3rd, 2024, the declaration included sections 2A, 2B, 13A, 13B, and 21 at The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, encompassing 33 cabins situated along Cedar Creek.

The cabins, numbered 2501 to 2533, are located in Loop 2500, a prime location within Fort Wilderness. Notably, eight of these cabins are ADA compliant, featuring access ramps and modified bathroom and kitchen areas to accommodate guests with disabilities.

Point Allocation

The allocation of Disney Vacation Club points to the newly declared cabins totals 257,961, with each cabin being allotted 7,817 points. This allocation contrasts with the initial cabin declaration made in February 2024, which saw 30 cabins accounting for 229,820 points. Although there is a slight discrepancy in points allocation per cabin between the two declarations, there has been no official explanation for this discrepancy in points.

Final Thoughts

The addition of 33 cabins at The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort marks a significant milestone for Disney Vacation Club, enhancing its booking options with more availability for its members.

With the Cabin’s first guests coming soon, on July 1st, there’s quite a bit to be excited about when it comes to this new take on a DVC resort!

Cabin Exterior

The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

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