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Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy

Join Lightning McQueen and his friends as they show exactly what it takes to become an expert racer. Using a racing simulator, Lightning McQueen will teach junior racers all his best tricks and tips. 

Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy Details

Walt Disney World Park Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Location in Park Sunset Boulevard 
Height Restrictions Any Height
Age Interests All Ages
Thrill Type Show
Hours Regular park hours
Wait Times Low to Medium
FastPass+ Yes
Accessibility Information May remain in Wheelchair/ECV

Ride Overview

Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy opened on March 31, 2019 in celebration of Disney’s Hollywood Studios 30th anniversary. This ride is based off of the Pixar movie Cars. On a screen that measures over 200 feet long and 2 stories tall, guests get to see characters from the Cars film such as Tow Mater, Cruz Ramirez, Sally, Doc Hudson, and more. Guests will even get to witness a virtual race between Lightning McQueen and his old nemesis, Chick Hicks. The screen is in an overhead position, which allows guests to get a clear view of the racing action, regardless of where they are seated.

The highlight of this show is being able to see Lightning McQueen in all his shining glory. The champion race car will teach guests how to become champions on the track themselves. There are a few bumps along the way, especially when using the race simulator, but Lightning McQueen has his friends to help. 

The animatronics on Lightning McQueen are very good, probably given that it is a new attraction that is using newer technologies. Even as an adult it will seem as real as it can be to be face to face with a talking car.

This ride is great for families with young children, women who are pregnant, those who require a wheelchair, or anyone who loves Cars or racing. The seating for this show are benches, and there are designated handicap areas as well. No seatbelts are required for this attraction either. Although strollers have to be left outside, if your little one fell asleep on the walk over to Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, they will allow you in to watch the show with them in the stroller.


Where To Find Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy
Where To Find Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy

Location & Wait Time

Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy is located at the end of Sunset Boulevard inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Guests will walk past the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith in order to get to the queue for this attraction. 

This is one of the lower wait time attractions in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Occasionally on busy days during peak park hours the wait times can get close to medium length wait times, however, typically it is not a long queue time to experience this show. 

Queue Experience 

The queue for this ride is outside only, without much in terms of decorations. Outside in the courtyard for the ride guests will have the opportunity to meet and take pictures with Cruz Ramirez and DJ. They are outside of the queue, so make sure to get those pictures before getting in line. The outside queue leads guests directly into the theater for the show. Unfortunately for this queue, there isn’t much to see that is immersive, but guests will still get to experience the wonderful Florida weather and take in the beautiful Sunset Boulevard in the park.

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  1. This overview of Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy is absolutely fantastic! I love how it captures the thrilling and immersive experience of being in the Cars universe. The detailed insights, vivid descriptions, and captivating visuals truly bring the attraction to life. As a big fan of the Cars franchise, I can’t wait to experience the pulse-pounding action and high-speed adventure firsthand. Thank you for providing such an informative and exciting overview! Keep up the great work, DominionCinemas.

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