“I’m a Star” From Wish Movie To Take Center Stage At Spaceship Earth November 22nd

Disney100 Spaceship Earth

EPCOT’s iconic centerpiece attraction, Spaceship Earth, is all set to introduce a new show. This fresh addition will feature the popular song “I’m a Star” from the highly anticipated upcoming movie, “Wish”. Eager visitors and fans can look forward to this new experience starting November 22nd, the same day that “Wish” will debuting in theaters.

The Song That Lights Up The Show

“I’m a Star,” a feature track from the Wish movie, will be the highlight of this new show. The song’s uplifting melody and inspiring lyrics perfectly complement the spirit of exploration and discovery that Spaceship Earth embodies. The incorporation of this song into the show is expected to bring a delightful new take on the shows that we’ve seen on Spaceship Earth in the past.

Mark Your Calendars

Plan your visit to EPCOT to witness this spectacular show, debuting on November 22nd. The blend of the enchanting tune of “I’m a Star” and the mesmerizing visuals displayed on Spaceship Earth, are sure to make for some dazzling nighttime visuals.

Spaceship Earth: A Journey of Discovery

Spaceship Earth at EPCOT has always been a symbol of human innovation and progress. With the introduction of this new show, it continues to introduce park guests to new characters and new experiences, even in 2023! Don’t miss out on this new chapter in Spaceship Earth’s journey of discovery.

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