How Much Does It Cost To Buy Into DVC?

Cost of DVC

When considering the purchase of a DVC contract, the very first question that likely comes to mind is, “How much does it cost to buy into DVC?” To clarify this question, let’s review the various costs associated with purchasing and owning a DVC contract.

Initial Purchase Cost

Disney Vacation Club is a vacation membership program that allows owners to purchase a set amount of points to be used each year to book reservations at the fifteen DVC properties as well as affiliate resorts around the world. Each DVC contract includes a number of points, a home resort and a Use Year. Pricing of these contracts depends on which location and how many points are purchased. 

Buying Direct From DVC

Buyers have the option to either purchase their DVC contract directly from Disney or on the resale market. Disney’s most recent pricing for their newest resorts range from $193 to $195 per point. While Disney only actively markets their newest resorts, on occasion they will have point contracts available at one of the older resorts available for purchase. Pricing for these “sold out” resorts can range anywhere between $110 to $265 per point.

Keep in mind that for new owners, the minimum number of points available to purchase directly from Disney is 100 points, while smaller point contracts are periodically available for sale to current DVC owners.

Buying Resale

Purchasing on the resale market is another option and a great way to save money when buying a DVC contract. Resale buyers have the option to search inventory online from various resellers to find the exact point contract they would like to purchase. The resale market also offers contracts at each one of Disney’s fifteen resorts with no point minimum. While there is no set price per point on the resale market, pricing can range anywhere from $55 per point to $225 per point, depending on the resort. 

While prices on the resale market vary and are negotiable, buyers must be sure to keep the Right of First Refusal (ROFR) in mind when making an offer to purchase a DVC resale. For more information on ROFR and to read more about the resale buying process visit our guide on How To Buy A DVC Resale. To search our current resale listings, visit the DVC Shop Resale Listings page.

Financing Charges and Interest (if applicable)

Whether purchasing direct or resale, buyers have the option to finance their DVC purchase. Of course financing comes with fees and interest charges. Visit the following link for more information regarding financing available for resale purchases.

Annual Dues (Maintenance Fees)

Annual dues are another very important cost to consider when purchasing a DVC contract. These fees are due each year and are based on the number of points owned. Maintenance fees or annual dues range from $6.56 per point to $10.13 per point, depending on the resort.   As an example, an owner with 100 points at Boardwalk Villas will pay $737 in dues each year. The list of annual dues for each resort follows.

Resort Estimated 2020 Annual Dues
Animal Kingdom Villas $7.67
Aulani Hawaii $8.33
Bay Lake Tower $6.58
Beach Club Villas $7.06
Boardwalk Villas $7.37
Grand Californian $6.60
Grand Floridian $6.56
Hilton Head $9.10
Old Key West $7.84
Polynesian $6.79
Riviera $8.31
Saratoga Springs $6.77
Vero Beach $10.13
Wilderness Lodge (Boulder Ridge) $7.78
Wilderness Lodge (Copper Creek) $7.45
The cost to buy into DVC can vary significantly depending on the number of points and DVC resort. To view and compare current resale listings visit our DVC Shop Resale Listings page. For additional questions regarding purchasing a DVC contract, contact the DVC Shop Resales team and one of our friendly and knowledgeable DVC experts will be happy to assist you.

Katherine Rand

DVC Shop Editorial Team

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