Help Keep My Family’s Disney Addiction Funded!

How would you like to get paid to go to the Disney parks to get footage of the character meet & greets… well, that’s exactly what I got to do this year.

Disney doesn’t have any official listing of exact locations where characters can be found or even times of the day that characters are out? They don’t want huge crowds forming around the Characters, so there’s really no way to make sure you and your family can see your favorite characters… Well, until now! We’ve made 2 videos that show you exactly where to find characters in both Disneyland and Disney World theme parks. We’ve embedded those videos below, so just scroll down to watch them now. We spent a lot of time including detailed maps to help you find character meet & greets at all the US parks, see what the new physically-distanced interactions are like, and exactly which characters you can expect!

So, from one Disney fanatic to another, do me a solid and help convince my boss to keep sending me on these Disney trips by watching those videos. Do I have to resort to showing you how much my son loves going to Disney? I will if I have to…

Lincoln Meeting Winnie the Pooh at Epcot
My son meeting one of his favorite Disney characters… Just look at that face!

Where To Find Characters At Disneyland & California Adventure 2021

Get detailed maps for character meet & greets at Disneyland theme parks. See what the new interactions are like + which characters to expect! Check out our article to get the static version of our Disneyland maps, character photos, and more! 

How To Meet Disney Characters at Walt Disney World (Early 2021)

Learn how Disney World has altered their character meet & greets for 2021, learn where your favorite characters are in the theme parks and much more! Check out our article to get the static version of our Disney World maps, character photos, and more! 

Well, that’s enough pandering for today, but stay tuned to the DVC Shop Blog, you’ll get all the latest developments for Disney parks and DVC resorts.

Thanks so much for watching and I hope you’re having a magical day!

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David Van Norman

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