Harmonious In Epcot Will Be Replaced In 2023

harmonious night time show

More news in regards to Walt Disney World’s nighttime spectacular came out of 2022 D23 Expo over the weekend. Just like ‘Disney Enchantment’, EPCOT’s ‘Harmonious’ will be replaced in 2023, when the 50th anniversary celebrations end in the parks.

Disney Parks chairman Josh D’Amaro made the announcement that a new show is currently in development to replace ‘Harmonious’, however no details on what that show will entail has been unveiled yet. ‘Harmonious’ made its debut in EPCOT on October 1, 2021, just like ‘Disney Enchantment’, and also had similarly mixed feelings from guests. The show is beautiful and unique, but many guests are not a fan of the size of barges in the lagoon that provide the show with its water and laser features.

Harmonious in Epcot
Harmonious in Epcot

One assumption that can be made about the new show is that the new nighttime spectacular will include the barges that are on the World Showcase Lagoon the Harmonious Barge is going to be staying put. The barges took quite awhile to build, not to mention were a very expensive cost for Disney. It wouldn’t make a ton of sense for them to remove the barges from the World Showcase after only 18 months.

It will certainly be interesting to see what new show Disney plans to bring next year after the 50th anniversary ends March 31, 2023. It is unclear if Disney will release new information regarding the show as the premier approaches, or if they will surprise guests. Only time will tell for sure, but stay tuned to the DVC Shop blog for all the latest developments, we’ll be sure to keep you up to speed with all the news regarding Harmonious.

Are you a fan of ‘Harmonious’ in Epcot? Are you sad to see it replaces, or excited for the new show to come? Let us know in the comments below!

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