EPCOT’S 2023 Eggstravaganza – Where To Spot Each Egg

EPCOT’s Eggstravaganza Scavenger Hunt has returned to Epcot for the 2023 Flower & Garden Festival! This activity is perfect for those looking for a family friendly activity in Epcot that does not involve waiting in lines. The purpose of the scavenger hunt is to find all of the painted eggs throughout the World Showcase. Each one is painted to look like one of Disney’s famous rabbit characters.

Some of these can be a little tricky to find, especially if you are hoping to find them relatively quickly so that you can move on to other Epcot attractions. There is no need to worry, here at DVC Shop we have your back. We have compiled a list of all of the egg locations below!

How To Play


March 13th, 2023


April 9th, 2023

In order to enjoy the scavenger hunt guests will first need to purchase a map. The maps can be purchased for $9.99 plus tax at a variety shops around EPCOT. We purchased our map inside the Gateway Gifts shop that’s located right next to the queue entry for the Spaceship Earth attraction. You can also apply discounts, such as annual passholder discounts, to the map purchase to get a couple of dollars off the cost!

EPCOT Eggstravaganza 2023 Map Front
EPCOT Eggstravaganza 2023 Map Front

It’s important to note that you don’t have to complete your map in order to claim your prize. You can simply pick up your prize when you first purchase the map, so you won’t need to com back to the store later when the crowd might be higher. Also, you do not need to complete the map in one day, you can come back another time if you wish to take your search slow.

EPCOT Eggstravaganza 2023 Map Back
EPCOT Eggstravaganza 2023 Map Back

Egg Locations

If you need help finding any of eggs, we’ve compiled each of their locations below. Simply click the sections below to expand and get directions and photos to help you locate them. Be warned, spoilers ahead!

The Odyssey

2023 Eggstravaganza - The Odyssey
The egg in The Odyssey is hiding high up inside!

For the egg inside of The Odyssey, you will want to head inside of the building. When you first enter there is the area to purchase food and then a merchandise location (where you can also buy maps and eggs by the way). Go into the merchandise section and look on the ledge above the lemon tree mural.

2023 Eggstravaganza - Bean Bunny
Bean Bunny is hiding out in The Odyssey!

Bean Bunny is the one who is hiding out in The Odyssey. Bean Bunny is  actually a muppet!

Mexico Pavilion

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza Mexico Pavilion
This location is the favorite spot to hide the Mexico Pavilion’s egg

The egg in the Mexico Pavilion is in the usual spot, on the little balcony across from the Donald Duck meet and greet location. He blends in a little bit though so be aware when passing by as we did miss him the first time around since the color is close to the building’s color.

2023 Eggstravaganza Jackalope in Mexico
The Jackalope isn’t usually out and about but we sure are glad to spot him in Mexico!

In Mexico we have the Jackalope from Disney’s beloved short film “Boundin'”. He looks mighty pleased to be there!

Norway Pavilion

2023 Eggstravaganza Norway Pavilion
On your way to Frozen Ever After you will be able to spot one of the eggs!

The egg in the Norway Pavilion will be on the ground in the plants right across from where the Anna and Elsa meet and greet is, and next to the kiosk where you can get ice cream bars and beer.

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza Skippy in Norway Pavilion
The color of this Skippy egg is so stunning!

Skippy is the bunny egg at this location. He is Robin Hood’s number one fan!

China Pavilion

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza China Pavilion
Look low for the egg in the China Pavilion!

The egg in the China Pavilion usually takes a while to find, since there are so many nooks and crannies that it could be hidden, and so many pathways to take. You will look low for the egg this year, in the grass across from the Nine Dragons dining location.

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit looks right at home!

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is the egg in China! Debuting in 1927, Oswald was one of Walt Disney’s first characters and is considered his first major success.

Germany Pavilion

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza Germany Pavilion
Look up high near the end of the Germany Pavilion to spot the next egg!

Head to the Germany Pavilion to find the next egg! You will need to look up on the buildings for this one. You will spot it on the right hand side of Der Teddybar.

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza Rabbit in Germany Pavilion
We’ve spotted Rabbit! Now where is Pooh?

Rabbit from “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” is hanging out in the Germany Pavilion this year!

Italy Pavilion

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza Italy Pavilion
This egg is hidden right next to Kidcot in the Italy Pavilion

You won’t need to head too deep into the pavilion in order to find the next egg. It is located up on the wall to the left of the Italy Pavilion KidCot location.

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza Alec Azam in Italy Pavilion
Alec Azam looks mighty happy to be a part of the festival this year!

Lots of short film characters are making appearances at the festival this year. Alec Azam from the Pixar short “Presto” is who you will find in Italy this year.

The American Adventure Pavilion

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza American Adventure Pavilion
One cool bunny handing out here near American Adventure’s kidcot

To find the egg in the American Adventure Pavilion you will want to go to The Art of Disney. There are two doors in and out of the store, the egg is located at the furthest entrance, next to the KidCot location.

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza Ducky & Bunny
Ducky & Bunny always come as a pair!

This egg does not have just a bunny this year, but also a ducky. Ducky and Bunny are attached after all! This egg is so cute, you can even see the hook on Bunny’s head from when they were carnival prizes in “Toy Story 4”.

Japan Pavilion

2023 Eggstravaganza Japan Pavilion
The egg looks picture perfect at the Japan Photo Spot!

No need to go wandering through the Japan Pavilion to find this egg. It is located right at the photo spot location overlooking the World Showcase Lagoon next to the torii.

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza Judy Hopps in Japan Pavilion
Officer Hopps is reporting for duty!

Officer Hopps is reporting for duty! You don’t see too much “Zootopia” love in the parks so we are happy to see Judy Hopps as the egg in Japan.

Morocco Pavilion

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza Morocco Pavilion
You don’t need to go into the Morocco Pavilion to find the next egg!

This egg is on the rooftop of Oasis Sweet & Sips right outside of the Morocco Pavilion.

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza Thumper in Morocco Pavilion
The green stuff may taste awful, but the stuff at Oasis Sweet & Sips are delicious!

Thumper is certainly one of Disney’s most iconic bunnies and the festival wouldn’t be complete without him!

France Pavilion

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza France Pavilion
Stop to enjoy the flowers, and spot your egg on the way to Remy Ratatouille Adventure!

Where do bunnies love to be? Gardens, of course! Look for the next egg in the garden heading toward Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza Miss Bunny in France Pavilion
Miss Bunny looks right at home in the flower garden in France

It seems fitting that Miss Bunny is in the pavilion next to Thumper, seeing as they are so in love. We are happy to see they are sticking close to each other.

United Kingdom Pavilion

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza United Kingdom Pavilion
The egg is hiding in the back of the UK Pavilion again this year!

The egg is usually hidden in the area with the maze, where Mary Poppins does her meet and greet. This year it is hidden in the garden in the back area.

2023 Eggstravaganza - White Rabbit in United Kingdom
The White Rabbit looks a bit surprised to be down on the ground this time around

The White Rabbit is usually the one hidden in the United Kingdom Pavilion, so he can stay close to Alice. That tradition is still true today!

Canada Pavilion

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza Canada Pavilion
Look far across the pond in Canada to find the final egg!

Finally we come to the Canada Pavilion. Look out in the garden by the little pond. He is a little hard to spot since he is so far away, but you won’t miss him if you look hard.

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza March Hare in Canada Pavilion
The March Hare is one cooky bunny!

It’s the March Hare, as wacky as ever!

Prize Redemption

Congratulations, you have found all of the eggs in EPCOT! Now that you have completed the EPCOT Eggstravaganza Scavenger Hunt, you will want to head into one of the redemption locations to pick up your prices. Not every store in EPCOT will have prizes but you can spot which ones do by heading to the Redemption Location sign shown below.

Eggstravaganza & Spike the Bee Redemption Location
Eggstravaganza Redemption Location Sign

We did notice that there were some Festival Marketplace locations throughout the World Showcase that had maps and prizes as well this time around. These did not have signs in front, but you can see the prizes in a case at the registers.

EPCOT 2023 Eggstravaganza Prizes
The 2023 Eggstravaganza prizes are 6 adorable Disney eggs!

The prizes this year are so cute! You will be able to choose from 6 different Disney eggs. The characters on the front are:

  • Genie
  • The Cheshire Cat
  • Robin Hood
  • Marie
  • Dopey
  • Spot

There really is no wrong choice! Be sure to get yours as soon as possible, since these eggs are not guaranteed to be around for the entirety of the festival.

Happy Hunting!

There you have it, all of the egg locations for EPCOT’s 2023 Eggstravaganza Scavenger Hunt! We had so much fun finding them and hope you do too!

Have you done the Eggstravaganza Scavenger Hunt for the Flower & Garden Festival this year? Let us know in the comments below which egg is your favorite! As always, check back often on the DVC Shop blog for all the best tips on making your Disney vacation as magical as possible and all latest developments for Disney theme parks & Disney Vacation Club resorts.

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