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Disneyland Railroad

Hop on the legendary Disneyland Railroad for a scenic tour of the Happiest Place On Earth! 

Disneyland Railroad Details

Disneyland Resort Park Disneyland Park
Location in Park Main Street USA
Height Restrictions Any height
Age Interests All ages
Thrill Type Slow ride
Hours Open to varying hours
Wait Times Low
FastPass+ No
Accessibility Information Guests may remain inWheelchair/ECV
Disneyland Railroad
The train station is located at Disneyland’s entrance (Photo: HarshLight, Flickr).

Attraction Overview

All aboard for an attraction the whole family is sure to love. Join in on a beloved Disneyland ride that starts on Main Street U.S.A. and takes you on a tour of the magical Disneyland Resort. Whether you’re young or just young at heart, the Disneyland Railroad will be an adventure you won’t forget.  

You can find the main entrance of the famous Disneyland Railroad on Main Street. Once you head up those stairs of the train station, you can board the train vehicle for your experience to begin. This 18 minute long attraction doubles as transportation and a ride for entertainment. The Disneyland Railroad doesn’t just take you around the park but additionally brings you to 4 themed landscaped areas for your enjoyment. You’ll find yourself exploring the American Rivers of the Columbia, Rio Grande, the Missouri, and the Mississippi. 

As you make your way through these beautiful landscapes, you will also see some of Disneyland park’s famous attractions. During your travels, you’ll find yourself inside and passing rides such as Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. If you decide on your journey to stop at one of the other main rides, there are multiple locations to get off the train. You will find these station stops in the park at either New Orleans Square, Toontown, Tomorrowland, and of course, where you can start on Main Street. 


Disneyland Railroad Train
View of the train, Disneyland (Photo: Andy Orin, Flickr).

There’s a lot of history when it comes to the Disneyland Railroad since it’s one of the opening day attractions back on July 17, 1955. Walt Disney always had an infinite love when it came to trains so it was no question whether or not he was going to have one built in Disneyland. There are five different train vehicles that are named after American locomotive legends and one named after a Disney Animator. You can find C.K. Holiday, E.P. Ripley, Ernest Marsh, Fred Gurley, and Ward Kimball still operating as restored working narrow gauge engines at The Disneyland Resort. Ward Kimball was the animator who inspired Walt’s love for wanting and having these engines involved in the parks for the Disneyland Railroad. 

On certain days you can take a guided tour called The Grand Circle Tour that gives you an up-close and personal look at these trains. This tour also includes an exclusive tour of Disneyland Railroad’s unique parlor car, the Lily Belle. The Lily Belle is named after Walt’s wife, Lillian, and is a unique car that has been used for VIPs that visit Disneyland when they request a train ride throughout the park for years. To book this tour, you can call (714) 781-8687 or visit the park Guided Tours booth.

Inside the Lilly Belle, Disneyland (Photo: Harshlight, Flickr)


While the train station at the front of the park is the main entrance, there are stations in Tomorrowland, Toontown, and New Orleans Square.

Location & Wait Times

You can find the Disneyland Railroad’s main entrance on Main Street USA. With the attraction continuously running, you can expect a low wait time since a train comes to the station every 5 to 10 minutes. Additionally, there are multiple Disneyland train stations such as Tomorrowland Station, Mickey’s Toontown Depot, and New Orleans Square Station.

Disneyland Railroad entrance
Queue Entrance of Disneyland Railroad, Disneyland (Photo: HarshLight, Flickr).

Queue Experience

The queue for the Disneyland Railroad varies by what train station you are waiting for the attraction. The Main Street USA location offers some indoor queue experiences while waiting for the next attraction, whereas the other stations will be entirely outdoors. Each station gives a scenic view of the themed land you are about to depart.

Featured photo from Travel & Leisure

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