Disney Announces Updated Mask Policy Inside Dining Locations

View of Cinderella's Castle from Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe
View of Cinderella’s Castle from Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

New Mask Policy for Dining

It has just been announced that Disney has updated their mask policy inside of their dining locations. Previously, the rule for dining was that guests could remove their masks for eating and drinking while stationary. The newly updated rule is much more specific. The rule now is that guests must wear their mask inside of dining locations unless actively eating and drinking, even if they are already sitting at their table. 

Previous Mask Policy

The previous rule required guests to wear their face coverings while waiting in line or to be seated, as well as when getting up to move around dining areas or go to the restroom. However, with the previous dining rules, guests could remove their face coverings once they were seated at a table. That is no longer the case. Guests ages 2 and up will need to wear their masks until they get their drinks and food and begin actively eating and drinking.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Although this policy may affect guests and their dining experiences inside of the parks, it appears to be mostly a clarification on their previous dining rules, which were not as specific. As Disney has previously shown, they are constantly evolving their health and safety policies to best protect their Cast Members and guests. 

What do you think of Walt Disney World’s updated mask policy inside of the dining locations? Do you think it will make a significant change to your experience? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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