Additional Cast Member Previews Announced For Journey Of Water At EPCOT

Journey of Water Waterfall Artist Rendering

Early last month, Disney announced cast member previews would be starting on July 25th, 2023 and would go through August 19th, 2023. With that date quickly approaching, it was just revealed that additional preview dates will be taking place.

Cast Member Previews

The new environmentally-friendly Cast Member costumes for Journey of Water
The new environmentally-friendly Cast Member costumes for Journey of Water

These previews are a long-standing tradition at Disney parks, allowing cast members a sneak peek at new attractions before they open to the public. In addition to providing a special perk for cast members, these previews also serve as vital testing and adjustment periods for new experiences.

Traditionally, Disney will allow Cast Members to experience the attraction first, then may include a preview period for Annual Passholders.

Exciting updates are emerging from the construction area of the new attraction. Unmistakable sounds of “We Know the Way” from Disney’s hit movie “Moana” have been heard wafting from the site, hinting at the immersive experience to come. Also, testing for water features appears to be well underway, far ahead of schedule. The entrance structure of the Journey of Water, adorned with Te Fiti’s iconic swirl symbol, has already been spotted with water cascading over its surface.

Still On Track For A Fall 2023 Debut

Journey of Water Being Tested
Journey of Water Being Tested by Imagineers

For those Disney enthusiasts that have been patiently waiting to explore this new addition to EPCOT, the news of additional cast member previews for the upcoming Journey of Water attraction simply means more public previews are most likely a handful of weeks away.

Walt Disney Imagineering has already provided a glimpse into the water tests taking place at the site through shared photos, meaning this attraction is extremely close to being ready to unveil publicly.

A New Era For EPCOT


This highly anticipated attraction, inspired by the Disney movie “Moana,” is set to offer guests a unique, immersive experience that combines innovative technology with the magic and storytelling that Disney is known for.

The Journey of Water is part of EPCOT’s massive transformation, which aims to make the park more Disney, more family, more timeless, and more relevant. The attraction promises to be a celebration of water and its vital role in our lives, aligning perfectly with EPCOT’s mission to inspire guests about the real world made fantastic through the magic of Disney.

As we move closer to the attraction’s official opening, these previews promise to provide a tantalizing glimpse of what’s to come.

A Must-See Attraction

Journey Of Water in EPCOT

The Journey of Water is shaping up to be a must-see attraction for all Disney fans, offering a unique blend of innovation, storytelling, and the magic of Disney. It’s a fitting addition to EPCOT’s transformative vision, and one that promises to make waves when it finally opens to the public.

Stay tuned to the DVC Shop blog for more updates on the Journey of Water, and get ready to embark on a magical adventure that celebrates the spirit of exploration, the wonder of nature, and the power of water!

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