A Guide to Decorating Disney Cruise Cabin Door For Easter 2024

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Are you and your family setting sail aboard Disney Cruise Line this Easter? If yes, then you are in for a treat. Get ready for the most magical adventure on the high seas! One of my most favorite parts about a Disney Cruise Line adventure is decorating the cabin door. You might be reading this article and asking yourself, “What makes decorating the cabin door so special? How should we decorate our cabin door?” Great questions. Read on to learn why you should decorate your cabin door. You will also discover tips and ideas on how your door can be decorated. Are you ready? Let the idea inspiration begin!

Make it a Competition

There is no better way to get in the Disney Cruise Line vacation spirit than to decorate your cabin door. Shortly after we board, my kids love to race to the stateroom, grab the door decorations, and start decorating. We love seeing our fellow passengers decorate their doors, too. My kids love making it a competition to see who can decorate the best door.

DisneyBand+ Opening Door on Cruise Ship
DisneyBand+ Opening Door on Cruise Ship. Photo: Disney. 

Easter Decorating Ideas

Theme One: An EGG-STRA Special Easter

For this theme, go on over to Amazon.com and purchase Easter egg magnets. For the low price of $9.99, you can receive magnets of Easter eggs. Place them all over your door to make it look like the Easter Bunny himself paid a visit to your stateroom. Your little ones will love it!

Goofy Easter Egg at EPCOT
Goofy Easter Egg at EPCOT. Photo: Emily Murray.

Theme Two: The Easter Bunny

For this theme, go to your local Dollar General Store or Amazon.com. Purchase Easter Bunny-themed magnets. The cost of these magnets should be no more than $10.00, but the memories you will make with the magnets onboard your cruise will be priceless. Trust me. My little one is obsessed with the Easter Bunny, and I am sure your little ones are, too. What better way to make your Easter Bunny-loving travelers smile than with Easter Bunny door magnets? If this sounds like your perfect theme, what are you waiting for? Hop on over to your local Dollar Store to purchase Easter Bunny magnets today!

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny at Magic Kingdom.
Mr. and Mrs. Bunny at Magic Kingdom.

Theme Three: Mickey and Friends

Your Easter voyage aboard Disney Cruise Line will be spectacular, but you may not want to decorate your cabin door with eggs, carrots, or the Easter Bunny. You are on a Disney Cruise, so Mickey Mouse-themed decor may be more of the look you are looking for. If so, go to Amazon.com and purchase Mickey-themed magnets. On Amazon, there is the option to personalize the Mickey head magnets with the names of each member of your party. Cool, right? If you are pressed for time, snag some magnets themed after Mickey and friends from your local Dollar Store today. No matter what Mickey theme you choose, it will surely be beloved and enjoyed by the entire family.

Mickey Mouse Magic Happens
Mickey Mouse leads Disneyland parade. Photo: Emily Murray.

No matter how you and your family decide to decorate your Disney Cruise Line cabin door, we know that the experience will be a magical blast for all. So, let that creativity and imagination flow. Happy decorating!

Featured Photo: Bobby Asen.

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