A Day at Disney Springs: Reopening Rules & Guidelines

Watch Bee Thaxton and Alex Lopez of DVC Shop went live on 5/21/20 @ 6PM EST to share their trip to Disney Springs which just began its first stage of reopening. They’ll talk about the extra security measures being taken regarding temperature checks and required masks.

Written Version of Reopening Rules & Guidelines

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A Day at Disney Springs: Reopening Rules & Guidelines

Re-opening Guidelines

Re-opening Guidelines – Disney Springs

Parking Garage

Only Lime & Orange Garage Open at Disney Springs – as of 5/20/20

Both Lime & Orange garages are slated to be opened, but guests were only allowed to park in the Orange garage, which was only half-full this day.

Temperature Checks

Temperature Checks

Upon arriving in the parking structure, guests will be greeted with health professionals from Advent Health, who are there to check each guest’s temperature. Guests with a temperature above 100.4 degrees fahrenheit will be taken to a secondary staging location to have their temperature checked once more. If the guest’s temperature is above 100.4 degrees, the guest will be asked to leave the property. If the guest’s temperature is below 100.4 degrees, the guest’s temperature will be checked once more 15 minutes after to determine whether or not the guest can be admitted.

required masks

Required Masks for Guests & Cast Members

All cast members and guest over 3 years old are required to wear masks at all times. Cast members were on-hand to advise guests on how to adhere to the new rules, and were actively requesting guests to wear masks.

Additional cleaning at disney springs

Additional Cleaning Measures

Cast members were found diligently cleaning commonly-touched surfaces such as door handles and menus. All employees are taking sanitation very seriously.

limited hand washing stations at disney springs

Limited Hand-Washing Stations – Many Hand-Sanitizer Stations

We only found two additional hand-washing stations, but there were many Purell hand-sanitizer dispensers installed.

Directional arrows at disney springs

Directional Arrows For Tighter Walkways

Disney has used arrows to help separate foot traffic into lanes for tight walkways. This helps guests maintain a safe social distance from one another.

Age of guests at disney springs

Age of Guests

Guests of all ages were present on Disney Springs’ first day back. Babies in strollers, and folks over 65 were present and enjoying the stores that were open.

Business Entrances and Exits at Disney Springs

Business Entrances and Exits at Disney Springs

Every business that has dual entrance and exits has them clearly marked. Once side of a business may be the entrance, while the opposite side is the exit. Marks have been placed on the ground to help guest maintain a safe social distance while in line.

store lines at disney springs

Store Lines at Disney Springs

Earl of Sandwich had one of the longest lines, but guests seem to be doing an excellent job at self-distancing while in line. The longest lines currently seem to be for restaurants.

Cashless Payments at disney springs

Cashless Payments

Currently, stores are only accepting cashless payments, such as credit, debit, or gift cards. Cash is not currently being accepted as payment at Disney Springs.

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Written by

Bee Thaxton

DVC Shop Resales Broker

Bee has worked in all facets of the Real Estate industry in her 35+ years of experience. Her knowledge of DVC and the resale market is vast and her integrity and service to her clients has earned her a reputation of excellence. She lives close to the parks and loves to meet her clients. You may find her wandering around Epcot or in a fancy costume running a 1/2 marathon through Magic Kingdom.

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