6 Tips For a Rainy Day at Disney World

Rainy Day at Magic Kingdom

Florida’s weather can be unpredictable, especially when it comes to rain. If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, it’s essential to be prepared for any weather changes. Read on for 6 top tips for preparing and dealing with rain at Disney World!

1. Check the Weather in Advance

At least a week before your trip, keep an eye on the weather forecast. Florida’s weather can shift quickly, so being informed about potential rain showers is crucial. Also, note if there is a storm nearby that may be en route towards the Orlando area.

Orlando Weather
Apps like the Weather Channel App can be useful for looking ahead!

2. Pack a Raincoat or Umbrella

When it comes to staying dry, raincoats are a better choice than ponchos. They’re less likely to stick to your body, have pockets, and come in full-length sizes to protect your entire outfit. Pick one that is lightweight and large enough to go over your clothes. You can also bring an umbrella – compact, pocket-sized umbrellas fit neatly inside your bag. You may also be able to find umbrellas at main stores within the parks, such as the Emporium on Main St. in the Magic Kingdom.

Lightweight raincoats can help keep you dry while still having fun!

3. Protect Strollers and Backpacks

If you’re bringing a stroller for your kids, ensure you have a rain cover for it, especially one that covers the whole stroller. Waiting for a stroller to dry out in the rain is never fun. Some backpacks are better suited for rainy conditions, but you might want to have a plan or additional bags to safeguard your belongings in case it is not water resistant.

Disney Stroller
Disney Stroller. Photo: Emily Murray.

4. Choose the Right Clothing

Wearing water-resistant clothing and waterproof shoes can make a significant difference on a rainy day at the park. Always pack a change of clothes just in case,  there is nothing worse than having to walk around in soggy clothes and socks. There are also comfortable waterproof sneakers designed for all-day wear, so you may want to consider investing in a pair.

RunDisney Sneakers.
RunDisney Sneakers. Photo: Disney.

5. Rent a Locker

Whether rain is in the forecast or currently falling, renting a locker is an excellent way to keep your belongings safe and dry. Check the front of each park for locker locations and rental options. Lockers come in various sizes to accommodate a multitude of items.

disney owner lockers
Disney World Lockers.

6. Stay Informed about Ride and Transportation Closures

During heavy rain and thunderstorms, some rides and transportation options may close temporarily. The Skyliner is a transportation option that tends to close. Be aware of these closures and have a backup plan for alternative transportation, such as buses or Uber.

Disney World Bus.
Disney World Bus.

Some rides may also shut down during severe weather, so keep an eye on the official Disney World app for real-time updates on ride availability. You will be able to see under the wait times if a ride is temporarily closed. Most indoor rides will continue to be open, however, prepare for a longer wait as people try to wait out the rain somewhere dry.

By following these tips, you can ensure that a little rain won’t put a damper on your magical Disney World experience. Be prepared, stay dry, and make the most of your visit, rain or shine!

Featured Photo: Emily Murray.

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Marissa Coffta

Marissa’s lifelong enchantment with Disney magic began in her childhood and has continued to flourish. She is a mom to 3, who frequently embarks on solo or family adventures to Disney World. Currently living out of state, she takes many modes of transportation to experience the wonder of Disney firsthand. Her fervent passion for writing fuels her with the hopes of bringing the world of Disney to life, making the magic a part of her world.

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