2024 Annual Dues Updated For Disney Vacation Club Member Accounts

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Disney Vacation Club (DVC) has updated its members’ accounts with a detailed breakdown of their 2023 annual dues, along with the anticipated amount for 2024. The annual dues cover operating costs, capital reserves, and projected ad valorem property taxes. The total dues that members are charged are in line with the pre-determined budget for each resort and the number of points that the member owns.

2023 Property Taxes Clarification

DVC provides an estimate of the property taxes annually and bills its members accordingly. The final figures are determined by local tax authorities towards the end of the year, upon which DVC adjusts the members’ accounts to match these figures.

The online dues statement will show a charge for the actual 2023 taxes and a credit for the estimated amount that was paid during the current year. Any overpayment or underpayment for 2023 is included in the overall total.

Detailed Information On Payments

Important DVC annual dues dates to remember

The statement also includes the total amount due for 2023, along with a payment schedule for those members who have chosen to pay on a monthly basis. Full payment must be made by January 15th, 2024. However, there is an interest-free grace period until February 14th.

After this date, additional fees may be applicable, and DVC may restrict the member’s usage of points. Members also have the option to make interest-free monthly payments through a direct debit from a US-based checking or savings account.

How To Access Account Information

In order to view these amounts online, members are required to log into the exclusive members-only website. They can then navigate to the “My DVC” section and click on “My Annual Dues” to access their dues information.

DVC Annual Dues – Monthly Auto Pay

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How To Pay DVC Annual Dues With Discounted Disney Gift Cards

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If you’re not using your membership, now is the time to sell!

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