2022 Disney Vacation Club Points Charts Released – Start Your Vacation Planning Now!

Disney’s Condo Association meeting held on December 10th, 2020 has offered owners more details about the announced 2020 annual dues credits for DVC members, news about future resort refurbishments, as well as the 2022 points charts that allow owners to determine the number of DVC points needed to book their dream vacations for the calendar year of 2022. We have compiled each of the points charts to assist existing members with their vacation planning. The 2022 points charts can also help  prospective DVC buyers determine the number of points they would need to purchase to fit their personal travel needs.

How To Use DVC Points Charts

If this is your first time dealing with DVC points charts, you may be concerned about how to use them, but don’t fear! The points charts are very simple to use, and we’ll explain exactly how to read them and how to apply that knowledge to your upcoming vacation plans.

DVC points charts are resort-specific, so the first step would be to select the resort you would wish to travel to in the 2022 calendar year. Once you’re viewing the point chart for a specific DVC resort, you can see that the chart is sectioned into different seasons, as well as, sectioned by room size and view type for each unit size. This means the main factors for determining how many points your vacation will take to book would be:

  • DVC Resort
  • Season (time of year the booking will occur)
  • View Type (if applicable)
  • Unit Size

With those pieces of information, you can zero in on the exact number of DVC points you will need to book the reservation. Feel free to reach out to our resales department if you would like a free consultation to determine how many annual DVC points you need to purchase or our rentals department if you would like a free consultation to determine the number of points you would need to rent to book your dream Disney Vacation!

Calendar Year vs Use Year

Another important factor to keep in mind would be the difference between calendar year and use year when booking your DVC vacation. The calendar year starts January 1st of each year, and of course, ends on December 31st, whereas your Use Year starts with the 1st day of your use year month, and your Use Year ends with the last night of the month prior to your use year.

DVC Use Year 101_ Considerations for Trip Planning & Buying Points

In this example, using a June Use Year, your use year begins on June 1st, and ends on May 31st the following year. Now keeping in mind that the number of points needed to travel is based on the check-in date. So booking a trip for 2/4/2021 to 2/11/2021 would be subject to the 2021 points charts when determining the number of points needed to book the reservation, but sticking with our example of owning a June Use Year, the points being used to travel at that time are actually drawing from our 2020 Use Year (even though you’re traveling within the 2021 calendar year). You can see in the graph below the blue highlighted cells, this denote that a check-in date for that period would be drawing points from your 2020 Use Year. In our case, with a June Use Year, traveling 2/4/2021 to 2/11/2021 would use points out of our 2020 Use year.

The only case where booking in February would use points from the 2021 Use Year (even though you’re traveling within the 2021 calendar year), would be if you owned a February Use Year, which you can see below in the chart, the month of February is highlighted with green to show it is drawing points from our 2021 Use Year.

basic booking example

We hope this has helped you navigate the points charts and learn the difference between Use Year and Calendar year. If you have any questions or comments about the topic, feel free to leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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One comment on “2022 Disney Vacation Club Points Charts Released – Start Your Vacation Planning Now!

  1. Very upset that 2022 Concierge Club information (locations/points) are still not published—many friends in the club are equally upset since we can’t book flights to key cities in Q1 2022 without knowing if we can get reservations thru Concierge Club—It’s almost October and this is ridiculous

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