What is the New Disney Genie App?

Disney Genie App

In August of 2019, Disney announced that it would be releasing a new Disney Genie App in late 2020 that would revolutionize the Disney vacation experience. The app is designed to be a tool for planning the optimal Disney vacation for all types of guests, from first time visitors to Disney pros and seems to be Disney’s answer to the stress guests might experience while planning their days at the Disney Parks. What exactly is the new Genie app and how will it help guests plan their Disney vacations? 

One thing we know for sure is that planning a perfect day at a Disney World park is no small feat. We also know that Disney has a large interest in guiding guests where they would like them to go for capacity and traffic flow reasons. The Disney Genie app may be the answer to both of these problems. 

Based on information released so far, the Genie App sounds like it will use some type of artificial intelligence to assist in creating the perfect plan for guests’ days at the parks. This includes providing suggested itineraries to families, booking dining reservations and assisting in modifying schedules at the spur of the moment by swapping out one event for another. We also just learned that the Genie app may also integrate with FastPass+ and the possible new FastPass program changes that are rumored to be hitting the parks later this year. AI will come especially in handy for frequent visitors as the app will be able to monitor frequently visited spots and make suggestions for similar attractions or dining locations that may interest the guest. The app could potentially also be able to pool data from guest interactions and plans to make suggestions to other guests with similar interests. 

Over the past several years Disney has been incorporating cutting edge technology into the parks with magic bands, RFID technology and improvements to the My Disney Experience App. An app like Disney Genie that analyzes guest data, offers customizable itineraries based on guest preferences and guides guests through the parks seems like the logical next step. 

Whether guests are looking for a day full of princesses, one packed with amazing foodie experiences or a day jammed with as many thrill rides as one can stomach, Disney Genie will be able evaluate millions of options to create the optimal itineraries for the needs of any type of Disney guest. 

Are you looking forward to using the Disney Genie App to plan your future Disney vacation? What types of features are you hoping to see in the app? Let us know in the comments below.

Katherine Rand

DVCShop Editorial Team

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