‘Walt the Dreamer’ Statue At EPCOT: First Look

Walt the Dreamer Statue

On December 5th, coinciding with Walt Disney’s birthday, visitors at EPCOT will have the opportunity to experience Dreamers Point in the newly unveiled World Celebration neighborhood. The highlight of this area is a unique representation of our company’s original visionary, Walt Disney, showcased in an entirely new perspective.

“Walt the Dreamer” Statue

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The statue, fondly named “Walt the Dreamer,” encapsulates Walt during the later years of his life as he envisioned the Florida Project and the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT). The statue portrays Walt in a moment of satisfaction, appreciating the magnificence of his actualized dream: a park symbolizing sheer optimism and celebrating the enchantment of potential.

World Celebration Gardens: A Place To Connect

The “Walt the Dreamer” statue is just one of the many things set to be unveiled inside World Celebration. This space invites guests to unwind, relax, and connect – with EPCOT, nature, and each other. Each garden nestled in the heart of World Celebration, including Dreamers Point, seamlessly links to the surrounding areas, integrating the architectural heritage of EPCOT, contemporary lighting elements, and a range of natural textures.

Dreamers Point: A Tribute To Endless Potential

Dreamers Point earns its name not only from the dreamer who continues to inspire us – Walt Disney – but also for every visitor who steps into EPCOT each day to celebrate the limitless potential and possibilities of our world.

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