Walt Disney World To Remove Reservation Requirements For Date-Based Tickets

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Along with a slew of other announcements that are set to make visiting Walt Disney World easier and more affordable, Disney has announced that date-based tickets will no longer require Park Pass Reservations to be made. This new rule will apply to all date-based park tickets starting January 9th, 2024 and beyond.

While the standard ticketing option when buying entry into the Walt Disney World theme parks are all date-based, there are still options that available that will require Park Pass Reservations.

Removing theme park reservation requirements for date-based tickets: Starting with park visits on Jan. 9, 2024, theme park reservations will no longer be required for date-based tickets. You heard that right! When getting your ticket, you will simply select a start date for Jan. 9, 2024 or later, complete your purchase and then you will be all set! For reference, date-based tickets are the standard ticket option we offer to guests. For other admission types, including non-dated tickets, theme park reservations may be required to help us continue managing attendance and delivering a great experience for everyone.

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