Virtual Queue Announced for May the 4th Merchandise at Hollywood Studios

May the 4th Merchandise

Disney has unveiled a virtual queue system specifically for the May the 4th shopping event at Hollywood Studios. The Virtual Queue is designed to created a more organized and quick process for purchasing coveted Star Wars merchandise, but there are a few things to know. Let’s take a closer look!

Understanding the Virtual Queue System

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The virtual queue represents an approach adopted by Disney’s Hollywood Studios to manage the anticipated surge in demand for certain experiences in their theme parks, and now we know that the Star Wars merchandise on May the 4th will be quite the experience! This system allows guests to register for a virtual spot through the My Disney Experience app, enabling them to enjoy other park attractions without the need to physically stand in line.

Virtual Queue Requirements

Joining the virtual queue requires valid admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and a reservation via the Disney Park Pass system for the day of the event. Guests can join the queue directly from their mobile devices starting at 7:00 AM Eastern Time on May 4th. It is not necessary to be present at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the time you join the virtual queue.

How to Join the Virtual Queue


To participate in the virtual queue, you’ll just need to download and use the My Disney Experience app. Through the app, you can easily join the queue for the May the 4th shopping event in the “Virtual Queues” section of the app. You’ll receive notifications about your queue status and instructions on when to proceed to the designated shopping area at Stage 1 Company Store.

Considerations for Joining the Virtual Queue

It is crucial for interested guests to be aware of several important factors:

  • Availability of merchandise is contingent on current stock, which may sell out.
  • Enrollment in the virtual queue does not assure entry to the shopping event.
  • Specific purchasing restrictions apply to ensure fair distribution among participants.

Advantages of Using a Virtual Queue

The introduction of a virtual queue delivers multiple benefits. It significantly reduces physical waiting times, prevents overcrowding in shopping areas, and enhances overall guest satisfaction. So, join the queue and you’re free to enjoy all the other great things Hollywood Studios has to offer while you wait.

Final Thoughts

star wars merchandise

The use of a virtual queue for May the 4th shopping at Hollywood Studios is an effective strategy to improve guest experiences during high-demand events. By familiarizing yourself with the virtual queue process, you’ll have a better chance of snagging some of this exclusive Star Wars merchandise. May the 4th be with you!

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