Utilizing the Disability Access Pass at Disney World

Disability Access Pass at Disney World

Disability Access Pass better known as the DAS pass, is a fantastic opportunity for those that would otherwise not be able to participate in many rides at Disney, access to the rides.

How The The Disability Access Pass at Disney World Works

The pass works similar to a fast pass, but you are limited to one at a time. If a ride such as Peter Pan has a 90 minute wait, the person with the DAS pass and 3 additional people attached to that person would be able to scan their band at the ride and be giving a DAS return time for 90 minutes later. Once those 90 minutes have elapsed the person with the DAS pass would scan their band first and then those also linked would scan their bands and are able to use the fast pass line. Once that ride has been complete you can go and get another DAS return time for a different ride. The DAS pass has been a blessing for my family.

Using The Disability Access Pass

We have gone to Disney World 2-3 times a year for 8-10 days each trip since my son was 2 years old. The first few years we did not utilize the DAS pass because I felt we should not take up a pass for someone who may need it more and also because my son does not look like someone with a disability. My son has sensory processing disorder and can not stand still for long at all and has a negative aversion to loud noises. This goes beyond the 3-4 year old standing still, it is a disability that requires him to have an aide with him at all times at school (He is going into first grade).

My son is a brilliant and talented young man now who is almost 7. The first few years we went to Disney we went knowing his limitations and planning our trips accordingly. We would get park hopper passes or utilize this function on our annual pass and only plan the parks for 3-4 hours max at a time. Often we would go in the morning and then return to a different park in the evening for 2 hours.

My son could not last standing in lines for longer than that, and it often was extremely stressful. Last year when he was 5 we decided to try the DAS pass because he was wanting to ride more rides and not leave so quickly but could meltdown very fast with waiting in lines. I was stressed about the process. How was I going to explain to the cast member why we needed a pass when my son looks like a normal little boy?

We went to Magic Kingdoms Guest Services…

and met a wonderful cast member who asked us what we needed. I did not even have to explain our situation, my son was literally crawling on the floor and bouncing off the wall and I said we needed a DAS pass for my son. The cast member kindly smiled and scanned my sons band. No questions asked. This is not a system we use to scam Disney to ride more rides, it is a system that is in place for people like my son who have struggles, but want to enjoy the Disney experience and would not be able to do so enjoyably without the pass. We have since taken 3 trips with the pass, and have another trip planned for Halloween. I look forward to our trips more because we are able to enjoy ourselves and have the same amount of time at the parks as we used to but spend less time stressing about a meltdown while standing in line.

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Samantha Plummer

DVC Disney Vacation Club Members facebook group member

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