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I truly wonder why people have such misunderstood ideas of DVC after they purchase. Many of us have bought points that cost more than a car and you certainly understand what you get when you buy a car…

Now With That Off My Chest

I believe everyone should make the most of their “welcome home” phone call. We spent around 2 hours on our call with computers open and signed on to understand and ask questions from the “expert” who was not there as a salesperson and answered thoroughly from written policies and could point us to the source. Did you know if you have questions you can set up another call?

I have found a few inconsistencies in information given through phone calls to member service, so I asked for another call to clear things up. Sometimes you don’t know what you need to know until you have the questions! I also have the extensions for 3 DVC member service people that I have found to be efficient and knowledgeable, I suggest everyone needs to have their “go to” person. I won’t make important changes through anyone else.

There are great Facebook groups that give answers to questions but frequently the answers are wrong!

Watch the posts to see if others answer and disagree. One poor woman asked how to change resorts at seven months and was advised to cancel her first reservation and then rebook… she later came back to the post to say she did that and now nothing was available and she had to change her trip dates/flights etc. Understanding DVC and what we own is ultimately each of our own responsibility. Ask questions but through watching posts you can pick out a few people that you know are correct and then verify through member service. Losing points due to not understanding banking/borrowing is just heartbreaking.

I bought DVC with my daughter on a trip following her graduation from Medical School. She considers it her first grown up purchase. We bought so we have many years for family time away from the stress of “real life”. We love it! We have had many wonderful trips and avoided problems by asking questions and understanding who to trust for the answers. Do your homework and truly enjoy and use your DVC for wonderful trips!

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Linda Cole

DVC Disney Vacation Club Members facebook group member

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