Updated COVID-19 DVC Member Rules Overview by Joe Wolfers + Q&A Session with Bee Thaxton

Learn more about the updated COVID-19 rules for Disney Vacation Club members. Follow along with a short presentation hosted by long-time owner and DVC expert, Joe Wolfers that will bring you up to speed on what these changes mean for your vacation planning.

Directly follow Joe’s presentation, get your questions answered in our Q&A session featuring Bee Thaxton, the broker for DVC Shop Resales. We’ll be streaming LIVE on Facebook and YouTube, but you can log onto either platform to submit your questions now!

Presentation Slides

Featured DVC Resales

6-1-2020 Featured Resales

Bay Lake Tower

Points: 350

Available Points: 350 points for 2021

Use Month: March

Price Pt: $124pp


Status: New

Saratoga Springs

Points: 190

Available Points:23 banked for 2019, 190 for 2020 and beyond

Use Month:September

Price Pt:$95pp

Price: $18,050

Status: New

Boardwalk Villas

Points: 210

Available Points: 37 points banked for 2019, 210 points for 2020 and beyond

Use Month: September

Price Pt: $116pp

Price: $24,360

Status: New

Featured DVC Rentals

6-1-2020 Featured Rentals


Resort: Grand Floridian

Price: $2,150.00

ID#: 1248

Check-In Date: 8/25/2020

# of Nights: 6

Type Of Unit: Studio

Sleeps: 5


Resort: Boardwalk Villas

Price: $450.00

ID#: 1248

Check-In Date: 11/29/2020

# of Nights: 4

Type Of Unit: Studio

Sleeps: 4


Resort: Bay Lake Tower

Price: $1,974.00

ID#: 1207

Check-In Date: 1/8/2021

# of Nights: 6

Type Of Unit: Studio

Sleeps: 4

Did you enjoy this style of live video? Let us know your thoughts on the updated booking procedures in place for DVC members by leaving a comment below!

Bee Thaxton

DVC Shop Broker

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