Top 3 Reasons To Stay At Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Staying on a Disney property is always an awesome experience, and the Beach Club Resort is no exception. With so many to choose from, we have compiled a list of the top 3 reasons why you should stay at Beach Club Resort.

1.) Beaches & Cream

beaches & cream interior
The decor of Beaches & Cream sports a retro soda fountain vibe

If you love ice cream, and really everyone likes ice cream, Beach Club is definitely the Disney resort for you. Beach Club Resort is home to the famous Beaches & Cream Soda Shop. This dining location serves good American cuisine, such as burgers and fries, however, the gem of Beaches & Cream is the ice cream.

Beaches & Cream has a huge variety of flavors and options for floats and sundaes. The sundaes at this ice cream parlor are not only delicious, but also large enough to share, making them worth the price.  Beaches & Cream is also the home of the iconic Kitchen Sink. The Kitchen Sink is an ice cream sundae that is large enough to feed a small army. With tons of different ice cream flavors, this sundae is topped with almost every topping available, including an entire can of whipped cream.

This is definitely a great spot to eat at any time, but especially when staying at Beach Club Resort.

2.) Amazing Proximity

Disney Skyliner
The Disney Skyliner is in close proximity to the Beach Club Resort

Another a great reason to stay at Beach Club Resort is the amazing proximity to other places you would like to check out throughout your stay.

Beach Club is remarkably close to Epcot. It is an easy walk right over into the World Showcase. Guests could simply pop over for a quick meal if they wanted to without even breaking a sweat.

Beach Club is also very close to the Boardwalk. It is a great way to take advantage of all the Disney Boardwalk has to offer while still staying close to the parks.

If that isn’t enough, guests staying at Beach Club Resort are also right next to the Disney Skyliner. The Skyliner has to be one of the best Disney transportation options, since it is almost like a ride in itself, and it has a station right at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

3.) Stormalong Bay

Stormalong Bay at Beach Club Resort
Stormalong Bay features a huge water slide, and a life-sized ship wreck!

The final reason that Beach Club Resort is so amazing, is Stormalong Bay. Stormalong Bay is a huge 3-acre pool area at Disney’s Beach Club. It has incredible amenities such as a 230 foot long water slide, a life sized ship wreck, and one of the deepest lazy rivers you will find on Disney property. It is also perfect for children, as there are smaller water slides, and a main pool with its own sandy beach.

Who’s Ready To Book?

There are a lot of reasons to book a stay at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, and these are just the top 3. With such great poolside amenities and ice cream treats, there’s no need to even go to the Walt Disney World parks on your vacation here, but you can still do so easily.

Have you stayed at Beach Club Resort before? What is your favorite thing about staying on this Disney property? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by

Rachel Van Norman

Contributing Writer

Rachel fell deeply in love with all things Disney as a little girl. Now as a wife and a mother herself, she shares this Disney obsession with her son and everyone around her. From her love of princesses to eating all the Disney food, Rachel spends her time radiating Disney magic and keeping everyone up to date on Disney news.

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