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If you go to Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom you’re sure to pass by some flying carpets in the sky. This land is the home of The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Right in the center of Adventureland you’ll find yourself immersed in the Agrabah Bazaar, which is from the classic Disney film, Aladdin.Take a ride high in the sky and see a whole new world. Here you will be able to ride a magic carpet of your own and control how high or low you fly. Make sure you watch out for spitting camels because there’s a slim chance they’ll get you wet.

Magic Carpets of Aladdin Details

Walt Disney World Park Magic Kingdom
Location in Park Adventureland
Height Restrictions Any height
Age Interests Toddlers to young children
Thrill Type Slow ride, spinning
Hours Regular park hours
Wait Times Typically up to a 30 minute
Accessibility Information You may transfer from an ECV or wheelchair onto the attraction. Wheelchair accessible ride vehicle also available.


The Magic Carpets of Aladdin attraction at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Ride Overview

In 2001 Magic Kingdom opened this attraction based off their 1992 film Aladdin. While riding this attraction you can go up and down seeing a great overview of Adventureland. You may find many similarities to the Dumbo attraction over at Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland.  Additionally, to help with theming this ride, Disney added characters such as Aladdin and Jasmine themselves. Sometimes you might even find Aladdin and Jasmine riding the magic carpets early in the morning.

Cave of Wonders, from Disney’s animated film Aladdin


According to Cast Member Kaitlynn who works at the attraction there’s a great backstory with a true meaning of the theme to this attraction.

The story starts that one day the workers of the Agrabah Bazaar were surprised by a big ruckus in the middle of their town. To their surprise a giant genie lamp came out of the ground cracking their former infrastructure. This lamp came from the Cave of Wonders. This is why when you’re around the attraction you will see cracks in the pavement all around the ride itself. Additionally in the cracks you see treasure in the ground the jewels you see are from the cave of wonders that’s still “beneath” the ride. The “carpet sellers” (cast members) have decided to let guests test ride the flying carpets from the Cave of Wonders that they plan to sell for profit.

One More Hidden Detail

Camel statue at The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

The camels who spit water on the guests on and outside the ride had a former life. Guests who have visited in the past may recognize these from a parade called Aladdin’s Royal Caravan. This parade originally ran at Disney’s Hollywood Studios from 1992 to 1995. Additionally you could find this parade in Disneyland in California and Disneyland Paris. Now these camels have a second life surrounding The Magic Carpets of Aladdin at the Magic Kingdom.


The next time you pass by or ride The Magic Carpets of Aladdin you’ll see this attraction in a whole new world! This ride is popular among guests of all ages and continues to bring true Aladdin theming to the center of Adventureland.

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