Suffering With Crohns Disease In The Happiest Place On Earth

Disney World Magic Kingdom

I was diagnosed with Crohns disease in 2008. This was very hard for me to come to terms with and the changes in my lifestyle. We have always holidayed in Disneyworld, so when I was diagnosed I thought it would be the end of those types of holidays. I as so wrong….thankfully! I then had time to digest the news and thought we are going back to Disneyworld but it was going to be a lot different this time around than our previous trips. I did some homework before we left researching where the nearest bathrooms would be in case I needed to get to them quickly. But then I thought, what if I’m queuing for a ride?

This is going to be a nightmare!

I decided the best thing would be to call Disney and speak to guest relations, they advised I would need to use the DAS Scheme (Disney’s Disability Access Service). When arriving into to each park we headed straight to Guest Services. I am registered in the UK with the National Association of Crohns and Colitis and I have a card stating I may need to access the bathroom urgently, I showed the lady behind the desk my card and advised her that I have Crohns disease and may need to access the bathroom very urgently and I would start to panic if I can’t get access straight away. I was asked how many people are with me in my party as my DAS would cover them too, this was such a relief to know I would not be left alone without my family. This service is great and I wasn’t left out of any of the attractions. I have used the DAS system for the past 11 years now when visiting Disney and I cannot praise this system enough.

You are not made to feel any different because of my hidden disability. Recently the DAS system is now attached to my magic band so I can visit guest relations once and this would cover me for the whole duration of my holiday giving me more time to enjoy the Disney fun! The DAS covers me not just for the bathroom access but also the special areas when the parades are on, it can become very crowded (depending on what time of year you go) and I get into a panic if I think I may get stuck with no access. So this is great addition too! They are well equipped to help anyone with all types of disabilities and I would highly recommend giving them a visit.

My family decided to purchase DVC back in 2018 because we knew the service we are getting is the very best, I wouldn’t hesitate now if anyone asked me to visit Disneyworld. So If you are like me and suffer from this horrible disease or any other disability, go and give Disneyworld a go you will not be disappointed.

Guest Author

Nicola Morgan

DVC Disney Vacation Club Members facebook group member

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