Splitsville Luxury Lanes Bowling: A Review by Bee Thaxton

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Here’s everything you need to know, or what I know about DVC bowling on Wednesday nights for members from 6-8pm.


Yeah, really not for me, but it’s DVC and you guys know the research sacrifice I’m willing to make for you! Rosanne and I had been trying to get reservations for the last several times she was here but it was always sold out. But yesterday, ta da! We got in. I do recommend that you call Member Services and make your reservation. $50 for adults and $40 for children, this is paid at the time the reservation is made, you will also need everyone’s shoe size.

Not knowing what to expect we were very pleasantly surprised. The whole place was decorated with balloons and DVC Private Party signs, come on, you know you like the “private party” stuff that’s just for us.

We were welcomed at the door by a very pleasant young lady, she asked our name, said we were upstairs and escorted us herself. Once upstairs we went to the desk and the girl gave them our name. They had a basket prepared for us with our shoes and DVC socks already in them.

Did I say DVC socks? Why yes I did.

We were each given a very nice pair of socks. Then were then escorted to our lane where we met a really nice family from New Jersey. While getting our socks & shoes on our server came over and explained how everything worked. Each person received 1 beer or wine, for every 2 people you received 1 appetizer, we had 3 people so 2 appetizers, plus everyone received an entrée.


For appetizers we had cheeseburger sliders, (yummy) and nachos, we didn’t get the avocado ranch dressing, just couldn’t do it, we asked for sour cream instead.


Rosanne had sushi, Fran had fish & chips and I had a smothered chicken with cheese & bacon served with mashed potatoes & veggies. Oh and let’s not forget they had my favorite Moscato.

Total Costs For Non-DVC Members

So I started adding this all up. Splitsville charged $22 for 2 hours of bowling. Here’s how it all breaks down:

  • Bowling $22
  • 1 glass of wine $18 I might have had a couple more
  • Entrée $14
  • Entrée $26
  • Socks $10 They sell regular, non DVC socks for $8-12

Total $90

So for our $50, I feel like we got a great bargain, had a fantastic time and enjoyed hanging out and meeting other DVC families. At the end of the night we were also given a $25 card to spend in the gift shop.  We purchased 2 wine glasses, imagine that, and a nice Splitsville tank top that was on the clearance rack.

Would I do this again?

I sure would. We were treated like VIP’s, had a blast bowling, enjoyed meeting other DVC families, the food was surprisingly good, it was a nice break from the hustle & bustle of the parks and a nice place to cool down.

I highly recommend taking advantage of Splitsville for DVC! What’s your experience at Splitsville like? Have you been wanting to try your hand at bowling? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Beatrice Thaxton

One comment on “Splitsville Luxury Lanes Bowling: A Review by Bee Thaxton

  1. We thoroughly enjoyed our DVC Splittsville evening. The bowling was fun, the service was excellent and the food delicious. Will definitely do it again.

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