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Located on the left side of Cinderella Castle, you can find this sweet spot to fill your appetite as well as find new seasonal treats. Sleepy Hollow is an excellent place to grab a bite, from park open to close, with perfect food options for all times of the day. It’s a location you won’t want to miss, mostly known for funnel cakes and even funnel cake sandwiches!

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments Details

Walt Disney World Park Magic Kingdom
Location in Park Liberty Square
Dining Experience Quick service
Hours 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Price Range $14.99 and under
Type of Cuisine American
Mobile Order No
Reservations No
Allergy-Friendly No


When entering Liberty Square to the right of the wooden bridge entrance, you will be delighted with the smell of fresh funnel cakes made at Sleepy Hollow. One of the best times to visit Sleepy Hollow is at breakfast because most breakfast locations at Magic Kingdom are reservation only. Additionally, this is a spot where you can always find coffee, just like the popular Starbucks on Main Street, USA.

Sleepy Hollow also serves park famous food such as fresh fruit waffle sandwiches and Mickey-shaped waffles. These snacks are well known to many Disney fans and are very Instagramable. Throughout the year, Sleepy Hollow will serve seasonal treats to match the celebrations happening in the park, such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. This location offers picnic tables with a great view of Cinderella Castle. You will find yourself dining in the middle of two themed lands: Fantasyland and Liberty Square.

With great prices and being open from park open to park close, Sleepy Hollow is an excellent quick service snack or meal for guests who are on the go.

Fresh fruit waffle sandwich at Sleepy Hollow at  Magic Kingdom.



Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich – $8.29
Served with Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread

Mickey-shaped Waffle with Strawberries and Powdered Sugar – $6.79
Served with Strawberries and Whipped Cream

Mickey Waffle – $5.79
Served with Powdered Sugar


Funnel Cake with Strawberries and Powdered Sugar – $7.99
Served with Strawberries and Whipped Cream

Funnel Cake with Powdered Sugar – $6.99
Served with Whipped Cream

Cold Beverages

Assorted Fountain Beverages, Simply® Orange Juice, NESQUIK® Chocolate Milk, Minute Maid® Apple Juice, Whole Milk, DASANI® Bottled Water

Hot Beverages

Freshly Brewed Joffrey’s Coffee™ Regular,  Freshly Brewed Joffrey’s Coffee™ Decaf, Hot Cocoa, Twinings of London® Hot Tea

Specialty Beverages

French Vanilla Iced Coffee, Mocha Iced Coffee


Sleepy Hollow Refreshments offers great snacks with a view of Cinderella Castle.

Bobby Asen

DVC Shop Contributing Writer

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  1. Sleepy Hollow is such a hidden gem. I love to get to the park early and grab some waffles for breakfast from sleepy hollow. This is such a great spot for me to get my Mickey waffle fix.

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