San Fransokyo Square Coming To California Adventure This Summer


Disney just announced that it’s ambitious re-theming of the Pacific Wharf at Disney’s California Adventure will be open to the public much sooner than anyone expected. Get ready to visit San Fransokyo in person this summer!

What Is San Fransokyo?

San Fransokyo is an exciting fictional world created for Disney’s 2014 animated feature, Big Hero 6, and now Disney fans on the west coast get to experience it first-hand in Disney’s California Adventure theme park.

The unique hybrid city blends together the best of both San Francisco and Tokyo – combining a hilly landscape with towering skyscrapers and a bustling downtown full of cafes, stores and other attractions.

The city is filled with incredible visual details that make it truly come alive, from its advanced technology to its vibrant art scene. It also features its own distinctively stylish architecture that blends elements from both eastern and western cultures.

Notably, San Fransokyo was the home to the protagonists Hiro Hamada and Baymax in Big Hero 6 as they set out to save their city from a dangerous plot. Its diverse population and rich culture make it a colorful addition to Disney’s many worlds – perfect for those looking for an adventure, a California Adventure, that is!

What To Expect From San Fransokyo At California Adventure

Themed around shopping and dining, the new San Fransokyo will feature a grand attraction – the San Fransokyo Gate Bridge. This imposing bridge is set to be the area’s main focal point. The new land will span all the way to Paradise Gardens Park, and it’s expected that guests will be able to interact with a few beloved characters from Big Hero 6! Here’s hoping Baymax is as soft and squishy to hug in person as he seems in the movie.

Are you excited to see this vision of the future come to life at Disney’s California Adventure? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to the DVC Shop blog for all the latest developments from inside the Disney theme parks and Disney Vacation Club resorts.

Written by

Rachel Van Norman

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Rachel fell deeply in love with all things Disney as a little girl. Now as a wife and a mother herself, she shares this Disney obsession with her son and everyone around her. From her love of princesses to eating all the Disney food, Rachel spends her time radiating Disney magic and keeping everyone up to date on Disney news.

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