Pros and Cons of Disney’s Firework Dessert Party

Disney World Fireworks

Ready to begin, let the wonder take hold…. Golden rays, blue sparkles, and iridescent lights burst in the sky. The nighttime fireworks illuminate the darkness. What a sight! Disney has amazing firework shows in many parks around the world. Nonetheless, Walt Disney World has a unique offering for guests, in which they incorporate fireworks and desserts! I had the privilege of attending the Magic Kingdom Firework dessert pre-party. Therefore, in this article, I will share the pros and cons of joining this special event. Let’s get started!


1. Good variety of sweets

The dessert party begins in Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant. It is recommended you show up an hour and thirty minutes before so you can enjoy the sweets. Once you check in, you can enjoy desserts such as: Cookies & Cream cheesecake mousse, Butterscotch pudding with caramel popcorn, firehouse doughnuts with strawberry glaze, chocolate-covered strawberries, white chocolate dipped marshmallows, chocolate silk pie, specialty crepes, cookies of all flavors, etc.… (There are vegan desserts you can request before, so they are ready for you to enjoy when you arrive).

Disney Dessert Party
This is my yummy plate of sweets from when I attended the dessert party last year.

2. Different drink options + alcohol

Apart from the basic beverages (water, tea, lemonade, coffee), you have the option of some non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. The special non-alcoholic drinks are sparkling cider and POG (passion, orange, guava) juice. However, if you are looking for something a little fancier and boozy, there is a plethora of beers and wines to choose from. Sparkling wines, red wine, white wine, champagne, and light ales are available. This is a plus for those looking to enjoy some pricier drinks without having to pay extra, as these are included in the party’s total price.

Disney Dessert Party
Enjoy drinks with your desserts! Photo: Disney.


3. Awesome view of fireworks and projections

After enjoying the drinks and desserts, you are taken to a private area in the Plaza Garden. You can take a seat on the faux grass and relax until the show begins. Once the show commences, you are asked to stand (for safety reasons) so you can enjoy the spectacle. The sights are spectacular because you get a great view of Cinderella’s castle and its projections. The fireworks gleam and glow right before your eyes and you can see Tinkerbell fly above you, towards the end of Happily Ever After. It is truly a magical, Disney moment.

Disney Fireworks
This breathtaking view gives you the opportunity to watch the show without being in a crowded space. Photo: Somewhere worthwhile.


Disclaimer: While this event is perfect for those who can afford it and wish to try something new, there are tiny tweaks that could be done to enhance this party. In the cons section, I will give my personal thoughts on what could possibly be upgraded.

1. Selection of savory foods

While the party is considered a dessert party, there are some savory snacks provided. These include various cheeses (mostly cubed cheese) and crostini (these are great and add a nice crunch). However, for the price, having only cheese and bread is a bit austere. I would prefer if they added cured meats (salami, prosciutto) as well as fancier cheeses such as soft brie or mozzarella. These could elevate the party and give guests a better culinary experience.

Dessert Party
Take in the views of Cinderella Castle. Photo: Disney.

2. Pricing

This event is not inexpensive. But if it is within your budget and you want to try something new, the price should not matter. The situation is that Magic Kingdom’s dessert party is one of the more expensive dessert parties since you can also do firework viewing parties with dinner included, at Epcot or Hollywood Studios. The prices for each, respectively, are $92 (Epcot’s Rose & Crown), $81 (Epcot’s Spice Road table), and $55-77 (Fantasmic Dining plan).

Fantasmic Steamboat
Characters in Fantasmic’s Finale. Photo: Emily Murray

3. No character interactions

Most Disney guests love restaurants that have character interactions included with the meal. Sadly, for this event, there are no characters who greet or take pictures with guests. Some may consider this a fault for the price; so, if there is something negative to say, it is that there are no characters roaming about during this party.

Disney World Crystal Palace Winnie the Pooh Character Dining
Crystal Palace Winnie the Pooh Character Dining.

Reach out and find your…. Happily, Ever, After! Cue the 700 pyrotechnical effects that begin to launch. If you have had the privilege of watching this show, you know how enchanting, moving, and cheerful it is. Nevertheless, if you want to enhance the way you watch it, I suggest you evaluate the pros and cons of the Firework dessert parties at Magic Kingdom. I hope this article helps you, dear reader, determine if you will join in on the fun!

Featured Photo: Emily Murray.

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For as long as Maria can remember, there was always a Disney movie playing in her house. Whether it was The Little Mermaid, Dumbo, or Tarzan, she became enthralled with all things Disney. She has visited the Disney Parks over 100 times and on different continents! Her love of Disney goes hand in hand with her love of reading, which has motivated her through the years to become a zealous writer. She hopes that whatever she does helps her community. After all, with a little faith, trust, and pixie dust, anything is possible!

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