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Recently, The Walt Disney Company announced that as of October 19, 2020, those Disney guests who wish to purchase a Disney Vacation Club membership will now have to purchase 125 points to qualify for the membership perks and extras. These points will have to be purchased directly from Disney Vacation Development. Keep in mind, Disney reserves the right to alter, or do away with these perks at a later date. These perks are not available to those who purchase a DVC resale, but many members weigh the extra cost of buying direct with the potential cost savings of these perks, and find that the reduced price of resale is a better fit for their family. 

Previous Minimum for DVC Member Perks

This does not come as a complete surprise, as the minimum point purchase has been increasing steadily since April 2016, when eligibility for Membership Magic perks was first introduced. At the time, there was no minimum point threshold for the perks, but in February 2018, Disney instituted a minimum purchase of 75 points. In September 2019, it was increased to 100, and as of last month, 125.

DVC Blue Membership ID Card

With the purchase of these points, DVC members are issued a blue membership ID card. Their card grants them access to discounts on dining (primarily table-service), shopping, and Annual Passes at Disney properties. In addition, the ID card grants members access to the Moonlight Magic events, a special After-Hours event at select Disney parks for eligible DVC members. These events are particularly fun and exclusive because not only are they complimentary with the Membership Magic perks, but members are able to experience popular attractions with much shorter lines, as well as the experience of being able to visit Disney without the crowds. The blue DVC member ID also grants eligible members access to the Imagination Lounge at EPCOT.

Only Applies to New Memberships

This point change only applies to those purchasing membership now, while current members will be grandfathered into the new minimum, regardless of how many points they currently own or if they purchased their points via resale. Disney Vacation Club itself is promoting this as guaranteeing both new and old members a “premium advantage,” especially in addressing booking challenges for popular resorts and rooms.

Even with the new minimum point increase and purchase limitations, a Disney Vacation Club membership remains invaluable for guests who plan to travel to Disney World, or stay in one of the DVC resorts, often. As a DVC member, you are able to have a Disney resort as your “home base” at the parks, as well as the perk of staying in the DVC section of a resort, which tend to have larger, more spacious rooms, washers and dryers, kitchenettes or full kitchens, as well as separate bedrooms. With new resorts, lands, attractions, refurbishments, cruise ships, Disney Vacation Club membership offers a more affordable way to see your favorite new and old parts of Disney as often as you can. As mentioned before, membership also comes with discounts on many dining experiences, events, merchandise, park tickets, annual passes, and tours.

Considering the State of Disney Parks

The new minimum point increase is not entirely unexpected, given the increases in recent years, as well as the current state of the Disney parks due to Covid-19. However, both new and experienced DVC members have a lot to look forward to at the parks and resorts, despite the setbacks they may have faced this year. Disney World recently increased its park capacity to 35%, showing that they are still planning to continue to steadily reopen, especially with new restaurants and attractions reopening every few weeks at the parks. Disney World also is still continuing construction on many of its projects that are due to open in the new few years. Aulani is also reopening, and one of the water parks at Disney World has been given an estimated reopening date. 

Disney Parks executives have been in negotiations with the California governor to establish a reopening date for Disneyland. Even with the setbacks this year has presented, there is still so much to look forward to at the Disney Parks and with the Disney Vacation Club right now that you may have yet to experience or may want to experience again.

What are your thoughts on these new minimums for DVC member perks? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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