Occupancy Limits At DVC Resorts To Consider When Planning Your Vacation

At Walt Disney World, many guests’ favorite part of their trip is staying on property at one of Disney’s many resorts. Disney boasts over two dozen resorts, all beautifully themed and only a quick bus-, boat-, car-, Skyliner-, or monorail-ride to all the Disney Parks. 

While many of Disney World’s Resorts have standard hotel room-types and amenities, Disney Vacation Club resorts offer a wider range of room types, each with specific room occupancy limits. For guests choosing to stay at one of Disney World’s eleven DVC Resorts, it’s important to understand the room occupancy limits at these DVC Resorts and take these into consideration when planning your trip to Disney World.

Occupancy Limits At DVC Resorts

Resort Deluxe Studio 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom Grand Villa Other
Animal Kingdom 4 5 9 12
Aulani 4 5 9 12
Bay Lake Tower 4 5 9 12
Beach Club 5 4 8 9
(2 Bed lockoff)
Boardwalk 5 5* 9 12
Boulder Ridge 5 5* 8 9
(2 Bed lock-off)
Copper Creek 4 4 8 12 8
Grand Californian 4 5 9 12
Grand Floridian 5 5 9 12 10
(2 Bed lock-off)
Hilton Head 5 5* 9 12
Old Key West 4 5 9 12
Polynesian 5 8
Riviera 5 5 9 12 2
(Tower Studio)
Saratoga Springs 4 5* 9 12 9
Vero Beach 4 5 9 12 12

Bedding, linens, or towels are not included for the fifth person.

Disney's Bay Lake Tower
Disney’s Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort offers studios, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units.

DVC Resort Room Types 

There are several room-types at Disney World’s DVC resorts:

  • Tower Studios (Riviera Resort only)
  • Deluxe Studios
  • One-Bedroom Villas
  • Two-Bedroom Villas
  • Three-Bedroom Grand Villas
  • Cabins and Bungalows

While these categories are largely the same throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, the number of occupants allowed per room can vary slightly by resort.

Disney's DVC Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek Resort
DVC’s Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek Resorts offer a variety of room types, including standalone Cabins.

Room Occupants 

Before we get started with an overview of room types and occupancy limits, there’s one basic rule to note regarding room occupants when staying at a DVC Resort. 

Children under the age of 3 do not count toward occupancy limits. All children between the ages of 3 and 17 as well as adults do count toward occupancy limits.

A short guide to occupancy in rooms at DVC resorts:

Tower Studio

Accommodates 2 guests

Available only at the new Riviera Resort, the Tower Studio comes equipped with pull-down queen sized bed and sleeps a total of 2 guests. This special room type won’t be found at any other Walt Disney World locations.  

Deluxe Studio

Accommodates 4 or 5 guests per room, based on resort

One of the most popular room-types at Disney World, Deluxe Studios can sleep either 4 or 5 guests depending on the resort. 

The following resorts have Deluxe Studios which accommodate up to 5 guests and are equipped with 1 queen bed, 1 double pull-out sofa and 1 single pull-down bed.

  • BoardWalk Villas
  • Beach Club Villas
  • Boulder Ridge Villas at Wilderness Lodge
  • Grand Floridian
  • Riviera Resort
  • Polynesian Resort

The following resorts offer similar accommodations but do not include a pull-down single bed and therefore accommodate up to 4 guests.

  • Saratoga Springs Resort
  • Animal Kingdom Villas (Kidani and Jambo House)
  • Copper Creek
  • Bay Lake Tower
  • Old Key West*
    *Note, Deluxe Studios at Old Key West have two queen beds as opposed to 1 queen and 1 double sleeper.

One-Bedroom Villa

Accommodates up to 5 guests per room when booking through DVC, 4 guests when booking through Disney as a hotel. Some exceptions do apply.

The perfect room type for a family, One-Bedroom Villas also typically sleep up to five people, with 1 queen-size bed and 1 queen-size sleeper sofa. However, some DVC Resorts offer bedding for 4 people, while others offer bedding for 5 people. 

DVC Resort with bedding for 4:

  • BoardWalk Villas
  • Beach Club Villas
  • Copper Creek
  • Boulder Ridge
  • *Animal Kingdom – Value Accommodation
    *Note that Value Accommodations can only accommodate 4 guests.

DVC Resorts with bedding for 5:

These resorts come equipped with an extra 1 person sleeper chair.

  • Old Key West
  • Bay Lake Tower
  • Animal Kingdom (non-Value Accommodations)
  • Grand Floridian
  • Riviera

*Note that Disney’s Polynesian does not have One-Bedroom accommodations

Some One-Bedroom Villas, such as those in Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Kidani Village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas, can automatically sleep five, as they also have a sleeper chair.

Two-Bedroom Villa

Accommodates 8, 9 or 10 guests, depending on resort.

These large suites are great for larger families or those who want more privacy during their Disney Vacation. Two Bedroom Villas can sleep either eight people or nine people, depending on the resort and are equipped with one king-size bed, two queen-size beds, and one queen-size sleeper sofa. 

Because there are different types of two-bedroom units, room occupancy limits can vary, even at the same resort. 

Two-Bedroom Lockoff vs. Dedicated Two-Bedroom Villa

If you’ve looked into booking a two-bedroom villa through DVC, you may have noticed that there are two types of two-bedroom villas available at some of the resorts.

Two-Bedroom Lockoff

Two-bedroom Lockoff at Copper Creek
Two-Bedroom Lockoff Villa at DVC’s Copper Creek

A Two-Bedroom lockoff is a One-Bedroom Villa and a Studio unit combined together to create a Two-Bedroom suite. The doorway between the two room-types is unlocked and therefore you are essentially left with two bedrooms and a living area. Of course this also means that you have an extra kitchenette from the Studio unit and sometimes extra sleeping accommodations as well. 

Dedicated Two-Bedroom Villa

Two-Bedroom Villa at DVC's Copper Creek
Dedicated Two-Bedroom Villa at DVC’s Copper Creek

A dedicated Two-Bedroom Villa is a true two-bedroom suite that has two separate bedrooms, a living room area and a full kitchen.

With the possibility of both dedicated and lockoff Two-Bedroom Villas, room occupancy varies at each resort and is dependent on the type of unit you book. 

The following resort and room-types offer bedding for 8 guests:

  • Animal Kingdom Value Accommodations*
    *Note that Value Accommodations have a maximum occupancy of 8 guests.
  • Beach Club Villas – Dedicated Two- Bedroom
  • Boulder Ridge – Dedicated Two-Bedroom
  • Copper Creek
  • Saratoga Springs

The following resorts and room-types accommodate 9 guests:

  • Animal Kingdom Villas (including Kilimanjaro Club Concierge)
  • Beach Club Villas – Two-Bedroom Lockoff
  • BoardWalk Villas – Two-Bedroom Lockoff
  • *Note that all Two-Bedrooms at BoardWalk Villas are Lockoffs.
  • Boulder Ridge – Two-Bedroom Lockoff
  • Grand Floridian – Dedicated Two-Bedroom
  • Old Key West
  • Riviera Resort – Dedicated Two-Bedroom

Lastly, the following resort and room-types can accommodate 10 guests:

  • Grand Floridian – Two-Bedroom Lockoff
  • Riviera RIV – Two-Bedroom Lockoff

Three-Bedroom Grand Villa

Accommodates 12 guests, but some offer bedding for 11 guests.

The massively spacious Three-Bedroom Grand Villas can accommodate up to twelve guests. They are equipped with one king-size bed, four queen-size beds, and one queen-size sleeper sofa. These huge units are perfect for extra large family gatherings or multiple families traveling together. 

The following DVC Resorts offer Three-Bedroom Grand Villas and accommodate 12 guests:

  • Animal Kingdom Villas
  • Bay Lake Tower
  • BoardWalk Villas
  • Copper Creek
  • Grand Floridian
  • Old Key West
  • Riviera Resort
  • Saratoga Springs Resort

Cabins and Bungalows

Accommodate 8 guests 

The beautiful stand alone Cabins and Bungalows are some of the most unique room-types at the DVC Resorts. Cabins can only be found at the Copper Creek at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and the waterside Bungalows are available at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. They each can accommodate up to 8 guests. 

Copper Creek’s Cabins are equipped with 1 king-size bed, 1 queen-size bed, 1 queen-size sleeper sofa, 1 single pull-down bed and 1 sleeper chair. 

Polynesian’s Bungalows offer 1 king-size bed, 1 queen-size bed, 1 queen-size sleeper sofa and 2 single pull-down beds. 

While there is quite a bit of information to absorb when booking your Disney Vacation, it’s important to also consider the DVC room occupancy limits when planning your trip.

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