Mulan Available To Stream September 4, Free For Subscribers On December 4

Mulan available to stream September 4 on Disney Plus

The internet has been abuzz lately with news that Disney’s latest live action remake, Mulan, will be released on Disney Plus and not in theaters. Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, Disney, like many other studios, has decided to show the initial release of the film on their streaming service as opposed to a traditional theatrical release.

Disney Plus subscribers were thrilled to learn that they would be able to watch Mulan on the popular streaming service beginning on September 4. What was not expected, however, was the $30 price tag that Disney added to the much anticipated film.

While many subscribers found it understandable to charge an extra fee for the movie as it is foregoing a US theatrical release all together, many found the $30 price tag to be a bit more than expected. The concept of charging more for a first-run movie isn’t new. Movie studios have been following this method on Apple Movies for some time now, charging rental fees of $5.99 or more for pre-release films or those that are currently in theaters. Recently some studios have even added new movie rentals for as high as $19.99 on the Apple streaming service.

Beginning December 4, Mulan will be available to all Disney Plus subscribers for no additional fee.

The difference, however, is that Disney Plus subscribers are already paying a monthly fee to have access to all the content available on the Disney streaming service. To keep subscribers happy, it seems that Disney has decided on a compromise of sorts. Beginning December 4, Mulan will be available to all Disney Plus subscribers for no additional fee.

Disney Plus subscribers need to wait just a short 3 months to catch the film for “free.” This pricing structure will likely work well for Disney as subscribers interested in watching the film immediately can do so for an extra fee of $30, and those who think the $30 is too high to pay to watch a movie at home can wait the extra few months and watch for free. Additionally, countries where Disney Plus is not yet available and where Disney feels the film will perform well will still see a theatrical release of Mulan.

The debut of Mulan on Disney Plus is considered an experiment for Disney with hopes that the $30 fee will produce the same kind of revenue they would have received from a worldwide theatrical release. Additionally, the company hopes the availability of the film on Disney Plus will attract more people to the streaming service and increase their subscriber base.

Mulan live-action movie available on Disney Plus September 4
Mulan is the latest Disney animated movies to be remade into a live-action film.

Mulan is the latest of the Disney animated films to be remade into a live-action version. The movie stars Liu Yifei as Mulan, the defiant young woman who decides to impersonate a man in order to enlist in the army in place of her sick father. Adapted from the Chinese folklore “The Ballad of Mulan” the story takes viewers through Mulan’s journey as she transforms into a respected warrior.

Are you looking forward to watching Mulan at home on Disney Plus? Will you be watching the film when it’s released or waiting a few months to watch for free? Share your thoughts below.

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