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Mickey’s Philharmagic is a magical 3D production filled with music, characters, and Disney animation. Watch as Donald Duck tries on Mickey’s sorcerer hat and magic comes to life through 3D animation and in-theatre special effects.

Mickey’s Philharmagic Details

Disneyland Resort Park  California Adventure
Location in Park  Hollywood Land
Height Restrictions  Any Height
Age Interests  All Ages
Thrill Type  None
Hours  Continuous
Wait Times  Usually No Wait/ 12 Minute-Long Show
FastPass+  Yes
Accessibility Information May Remain In Wheelchair/ECV
Follow Donald on this musical journey. Photo: Disney.

Attraction Overview

Mickey’s Philharmagic at Disney’s California Adventure is a spectacular theatre production that follows Donald Duck as he has adventures and mishaps with Mickey’s sorcerer hat. All of your favorite Disney characters make appearances during this production with 3D effects, as well as in-house theatre special effects such as water spray and other child-friendly surprises. This show is suitable for guests of all ages however guests should be aware that the theatre is dim during the production and the sound may be considered loud to sensitive audiences. Guests are able to remain in their wheelchair or ECV for this show. The total runtime for this show is 12 minutes.


Philharmagic on Disneyland Map


Location & Wait Times

Mickey’s Philarmagic is located in Disney’s California Adventure in Hollywood Land. There is typically no wait for this attraction unless guests are arriving just as the theatre doors are closing, making the next showtime approximately 12 minutes away.

California Adventure Hollywood Land
Philharmagic is located in Hollywood Land. Photo: Bobby Asen.

Queue Experience

The queue area is filled with posters advertising other concert performances. Guests might be able to spot some of their favorite Disney characters like the Muses from Hercules. As guests make their way further into the theatre they are directed to pick up a pair of 3D glasses, and wait in the lobby while music from Disney’s Fantasia plays. Once guests enter the theatre and take their seats, Minnie Mouse is heard over the loudspeaker instructing guests to put on their glasses and relaying important safety information.

Featured Image: Bobby Asen.

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