Mickey & Friends Keister Slide at Boardwalk Villas Has Been Unveiled (Shocking Mistakes!)

The new look of the Keister Coaster water slide has been revealed! The Keister Coaster in the Luna Park Pool is a popular activity at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas, which previously featured a large clown head. Although this clown was a bit of an odd looking fellow, many guests truly enjoyed seeing him at the water slide during their visits. 

keister slide clown
The out-going clown on the Keister Slide at Boardwalk Villas

Guests had begun to notice the clown was covered up back in October of this year. Disney however, did not release an official statement on this matter up until just a couple of weeks ago, in the beginning of December. It was announced by Disney at this time that the Keister Coaster would be receiving a makeover. Instead of the large iconic clown head, guests will see new designs featuring Mickey and friends.

The Mickey and friends design is the short animation style, similar to Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. 

keister slide new design
The new Mickey & Friends Design for the Keister Slide

You may notice in some of the released photos from Disney that there was in fact a typo on the reveal of the Keister Coaster. In the first look pictures that were published on Instagram, “Keister” was misspelled as “Kiester”. Luckily, Disney works very quickly when it comes to renovations and especially those with spelling errors. The newest pictures are of course, just as beautiful, but this time with the letters in the proper place.

keister slide spelling mistake
Disney Imagineers make a “goofy” typo on the slide’s new design

It was enjoyable to see that Disney was able to have a fun sense of humor about the spelling mistake. Walt Disney Imagineering’s Zach Riddley had even posted this to his Instagram account in regards to error.

Gawrsh. We’re feeling a little “goofy” about a typo. Luckily, we’re still putting the finishing touched on our slide and will make changes before opening for guests at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort!Zach Riddley - Disney Imagineer

Although the upgrade to the Keister Coaster looks fun and lively, and certainly compliments the BoardWalks aesthetic, the new designs have proven to be quite polarizing among guests. Some frequent visitors are excited about the changes to the slide, in particular those who felt that the clown was a bit unsettling and borderline “scary”. For others, the clown was a unique sculpture and an iconic part of the water slide and Luna Park Pool. 

Some of the polarizing effects of this remodel are due to the fact that there has been a theme with the newest refurbishments in Walt Disney World Resorts. Many feel that the newest bouts of remodels are more 2 dimensional and not as original in architecture as in the past. Only time will tell if this newest renovation will become as beloved as the clown head once was. 

The slide is not yet operational as there are still contractors putting on finishing touches to the Keister Coaster. Although it is expected that work in the Luna Park Pool will continue on for the rest of the year, the pool itself as well as 2 other pools remain open at this time at the Disney’s BoardWalk Resort. Disney is hopeful that the water slide will be available for use by the end of the year.

What are your thoughts on this newest refurbishment? Are you sad to see the clown go or does this feel more like a welcome change? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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