Mickey And Minnie Runaway Railway Toys Now In McDonald’s Happy Meals

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Update: 12/2/2020
After suddenly halting the distribution of these new toys in happy meals due to an issue with QR codes resulting in “unintended search results”, McDonalds and Disney have once again begun to offer these toys.

McDonald’s happy meals have now received a Disney upgrade, bringing Disney magic straight to you! These toys are modeled after Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There are 10 new toys modeled after some favorite attractions at the Florida theme parks.

These new Happy Meal toys include:

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All of these fun new toys perform different actions, such as arm movement, as you drive them. All of the cars also come together to create one very long train just like the real runaway railway. There are also downloadable coloring sheets to go along with these new toys.

In addition to these fun new toys, Disney has collaborated with McDonald’s on an exciting new contest. Guests we’ll be able to collect codes from every Happy Meal that will enter them for the opportunity to win a trip to Walt Disney World. The Trip will be able to be taken all the way up until December 15th 2022.

This collaboration between Disney and McDonald’s began November 17th and will run up until December 14th of this year, or until supplies last. Make sure to check with your local McDonald’s locations to see if they are participating.

This is not the first time Disney and McDonald’s have worked together to bring Disney fun to our homes and it will certainly not be the last.

Do you still have Disney Happy Meal toys from when you were a kid? Which one are you most excited to see out of this newest collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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