Managing Your Budget At Disney, Without Making Sacrifices

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Are you someone who thinks about planning the perfect Disney vacation? Do you think of all the best ways to do things, from what time to go to the parks and what rides you want FastPasses for, to what you’re going to eat and where you’re going to sleep? Oftentimes it can seem like the best things at Disney and in life come with the largest price tags. Don’t worry! Follow these tips for managing your budget at Disney and not only can you have the deluxe Disney vacation you’ve always dreamt of, but you can do it without breaking the bank.

Tips For Managing Your Disney Vacation Budget

1. Buy Discounted Disney Tickets

Disney commonly offers discounts on multi-day park tickets. There are also often promotions throughout the year on tickets for guests that meet certain requirements, for example, Florida Resident discounts. Be sure to check Disney’s site for park specials. Keep in mind that because of the coronavirus pandemic, there may be even more specials available on multi-day tickets.  

For even more ticket discounts, contact our DVC Shop Rentals department where guests can purchase Disney tickets for up to 5% off.

2. Visit One Park Per Day

These days park hopper tickets are not available due to COVID-19, but when they are available, park hopper tickets are more expensive than single day tickets. Instead of planning long Disney days where you jump from park to park, save some money (and sanity) by sticking to one park per day. 

In addition to saving money, visiting one park per day will ensure that you have plenty of time to enjoy all that park has to offer. Plus, you may even have extra time to enjoy the other wonderful Disney World attractions outside the parks. 

3. Pack Your Own Snacks

Bringing light snacks like granola bars, chips, fruit and even water can help you save a lot of money when visiting the parks. These light snacks will hold you over until your next full meal or at least until you’re ready for that special edition cupcake you’ve been waiting to try. I personally make it a point to pack food when I go to the parks because park food can be expensive. 

But saving money doesn’t mean missing out on the things you really want to do, rather it’s more about using your money wisely while at the parks. 

4. Book Deluxe DVC Accommodations Instead Of Full-Priced Hotels

Disney categorizes its hotel options as Value, Moderate and Deluxe. Guests can expect to pay at least $200 per night at a Value resort, $300 at a Moderate and $400 at a Deluxe. Instead of paying full price for these rooms, book a DVC Shop Rental to score major accommodation discounts. 

DVC Deluxe Resort rentals can often be less expensive than Disney’s Value resorts, giving you Deluxe accommodations at a fraction of the cost. 

How Do DVC Rentals Work?

Oftentimes Disney Vacation Club members are unable to use their DVC points or take a vacation they had previously planned. When this happens they can rent their points or their booked reservation to a non-member.

At DVC Shop Rentals we then market these points or reservations to potential Disney guests. Anyone can contact DVC Shop to book a rental reservation, whether that be a confirmed reservation or points for a custom reservation. 

What are Confirmed Reservations?

These stays have been booked by the DVC member and already have a designated resort, check-in date, number of nights and a total price for the stay. Once a renter is interested and agrees to the terms of the rental, the reservation is switched over to the renter’s name. The renter can then check-in to the Deluxe Resort and enjoy a stay at Disney for less.

What are Custom Reservations?

This is when the renter rent points from the DVC member to book a reservation of the renter’s choice. The renter submits a request for specific dates, location and room type and the DVC Shop Rentals team will search availability and have the DVC member book the reservation on behalf of the renter. 

Both of these types of reservations can save the renter hundreds of high quality Deluxe Disney accommodations.

From tickets to lodging, booking through DVC Shop Rentals will allow you to get the best bang for your buck. Be sure to check the DVC Shop Rentals promotions page to see all the promotions we currently have available. 

Following these tips for managing your budget at Disney opens up a world of possibilities. Best of all you can have the Disney vacation you’ve always dreamed of without making sacrifices.

Contact our DVC Shop Rentals department today to get started with planning your ultimate Disney vacation. Or follow the links below to start your online search now. 

Gio Lambert
DVC Shop Contributing Writer

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