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Its Tough to be a Bug Sign

Enter the base of The Tree of Life and don some “bug eyes” to become one with the insects to learn how they navigate the world and survive. 

It’s Tough to be a Bug! Details

Walt Disney World Park Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Location in Park Discovery Island
Height Restrictions Any Height
Age Interests All Ages
Thrill Type Dark, Scary, Loud 
Hours 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Wait Times Low
FastPass+ Yes
Accessibility Information May Remain in Wheelchair/EC, Audio Description, Reflective Captioning, Assistive Listening, Language Translation Devices

Attraction Overview

It’s Tough to be a Bug is a 3D film that lasts approximately 9 minutes. It features not only 3D technology, but also lighting and audio animatronics. The characters and theme of this film are based off of the movie, A Bug’s Life. This attraction premiered on Earth Day in 1998. This attraction actually opened before the film was released in theaters. 

The attraction begins when guests enter the theater and put on their “bug eyes”, which are just bug themed 3D glasses. Flik, an audio animatronic ant who is the main character from A Bug’s Life, greets guests and explains that the show is meant to show guests the importance of bugs and how to watch out for them and the amazing things they do. Guests will be entertained by a variety of bugs and their tricks. Some of these amazing insects include a Chilean rose tarantula who shoots quills and a soldier termite who can spray acid. Effects such as water spraying guests and loud whooshing sounds add to the show. 

The show is interrupted by an animatronic Hopper, the villain of the tale. He inflicts chaos on the human guests with “hornet stings” and a human sized fly swatter. Eventually a chameleon saves the day by chasing Hopper off. The show ends with guests enjoying a bug filled song. Effects give guests the appearance of bugs and insects moving through the seats to the exit, before guests exit themselves. This attraction is very immersive and has a lot of fun and creepy crawly effects. 


Where to Find It's Tough To Be A Bug in Animal Kingdom
Where to Find It’s Tough To Be A Bug in Animal Kingdom

Location & Wait Times

The attraction is located inside the Tree of Life Theater at Animal Kingdom. This queue is one of the most interesting in Animal Kingdom because it winds throughout the Tree of Life itself.

Wait times for this attraction are typically low. Although right in the morning guests can practically walk right on, this is a great one to save for a hot or rainy day in the parks since the peak times are never too long of a wait.

Queue Experience

This queue is a beautiful and unique setting since it is built into the Tree of Life itself. Guests will be able to view carvings and parts of the Tree of Life that are not visible from the front. As they wind their way through to the base of the magnificent tree, guests will find their way to the theater. All along the waiting area are posters to other bug themed shows and insect parodies. 

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