How to Transfer Your Disney Vacation Club Points

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Transferring your points to another DVC owner is similar to renting your points. According to the DVC rules and regulations, owners are allowed to transfer their points one time per use year or receive a transfer of points from another owner one time per use year. While technically receiving compensation for transfers is against the bylaws, any agreement that you make with the transferee is a private agreement and DVC will not be involved in settling any disputes.

How Do You Transfer Your Points To Another Member?

The process to transfer your points is easy and straightforward. Simply contact Member Services and let them know how many points you would like to transfer and provide them with the transferees information. They will ask that you also submit a written request by fax or email to confirm the transfer. Once the transfer is complete, the transferee can begin making reservations as usual, within the rules stated below.

What Are The Rules?

  • Owners may only transfer or receive points from another member one time per use year, not calendar year.
  • Transferred points retain their original use year and home resort priority.
  • You cannot transfer banked or borrowed points.
  • Points transfers are not reversible.
  • Transferred points will expire at the end of the transferor’s use year but can be banked by the transferee.
  • Transferred points cannot be borrowed.
  • Both Transferor and Transferee must be current on their maintenance dues at the time of the transfer.

Transferring Disney Vacation Club points is an easy process that can come in handy in certain situations. Next time you run out of points or just don’t have enough points to book your dream vacation, consider requesting a transfer from another owner. Or if you can’t travel this year and would rather not bank your points you can easily transfer them to another owner who would be thrilled to use the points for their perfect vacation. 

For any questions about transferring or renting your DVC points, contact DVC Rentals at the following link.

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