How To Stay In The Disney Spirit While At Home

Disney At Home

The new coronavirus, COVID-19, has swept across the globe causing many businesses around the world to temporarily shut down in an effort to contain the spread. Disney announced that all of its parks, shops and most of its hotels would also be closing their doors as well. But what is there to do if you’re stuck at home and longing for those lovely Disney days that you cherish so much? Here are a few ideas on how to stay in the Disney spirit while hunkering down at home.

Whether you’re a household of one or ten, these fun ideas will keep your Disney spirits alive and well until your next scheduled trip to the parks and resorts. 

Disney +

Disney Plus seemed to have come just in time to keep us entertained at home. The Disney streaming service launched in November 2019 and was an instant hit. If you’ve yet to sign up for Disney Plus, now is the time. This hit streaming service has thousands of titles to watch with your family for hours of non-stop entertainment. 

Disney Plus even offers new users free 7-days of service as well. Sign up here to get started.

Disney Mobile Games

With virtual computers in our pockets, anytime you’re having those Disney withdrawals just take out your phone or tablet and play a quick game or two of these fun games. On Disney’s LOL website you’ll find the list of all Disney’s current mobile games. Some of the most popular games are:

Tsum Tsums – A puzzle matching games with adorable Tsum Tsum versions of your most beloved Disney characters.

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey – A platformer type game where you play as Mickey and try to save Minnie from the evil clutches of Mizrabel.

Where’s My Water – A physics-based puzzle game with life-like mechanics where you try to help Swampy guide water to his broken shower.

Disney Food

Hunkering down at home is the perfect time to whip out those cooking or baking skills you’ve been too busy to use. Now that you have the time for long, slow breakfasts, relaxing lunches and dinners with the family, why not make them a little Disnified?

Mickey Soft PretzelsTry this recipe for soft pretzels that only requires a few ingredients that you likely have in your pantry. Instead of shaping them into traditional pretzel shapes, make Mickey heads instead. When they’re ready to eat, the whole family will feel like you’re right back in the parks.

Mickey Waffles – Most of us likely have pancake or waffle mix in the fridge. If you don’t have a Mickey Waffle Maker at home, order one now on Amazon. Once your perfect waffles are made, top them with nutella and fruit (or fruit preserves if no fresh fruit is available) to take you right back to the Magic Kingdom.

Mickey Rice Krispies Treats – Make your classic Rice Krispies Treats and turn them into fun Disney-themed snacks. Use this recipe for some ideas on how to turn your Rice Krispies Treats into adorable Mickeys on a stick.

Disney Trivia & Quizzes

Gather your family in the living room for a challenging game of Disney trivia. Try your hand at these trivia questions that are sure to stump even the most devoted Disney fans. 

Or spend a few minutes to take one of these Disney-themed quizzes on Disney’s Oh My website which contains a variety of quizzes about Disney parks, movies, food, and more.

Plan Your Next Disney Vacation

Disney is closed for now but it won’t be closed forever. Being stuck at home has some benefits, one being that you have more time to research and read up on Disney’s attractions, restaurants, hotels, activities and more. We guarantee, there’s always something to learn about Disney. 

DVC Shop Resales and Rentals is open to assist you with any of your DVC purchase or planning needs. Contact our friendly representatives anytime to plan your next trip or to purchase DVC. 

Staying home and missing out on your planned Disney vacation doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the magic of Disney. Try these ideas on how you and your family can stay in the Disney spirit while at home and awaiting your next Disney adventure.

What’s your favorite at home Disney activity? Share your ideas below.

Katherine Rand

DVC Shop Editorial Team

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