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By now you may have heard of renting DVC points to book a stay at a Disney Deluxe Resort. While it’s true that renting DVC points is a great way to save money on your Disney Vacation, have you heard of DVC Shop Rentals’ Confirmed Reservations? Here’s how to book a DVC Shop Confirmed Reservation and how it can save you even more on your next Disney Vacation.

What are DVC Shop Confirmed Reservations?

From time to time a DVC owner will have booked and confirmed a DVC reservation that they can no longer use. When this occurs, the owner can contact DVC Shop Rentals to place their reservation for rent. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Confirmed Reservations are booked and confirmed stays being offered by the DVC Owner.
  • Reservations cannot be altered.
  • Dates, location and room-type are all confirmed and cannot be modified. 
  • Special requests can be made for view, building, etc, as long as the request falls within the booked stay’s room category. Requests are not guaranteed.
  • Renters can enjoy significant savings with DVC Shop Confirmed Reservations with reservations sometimes available from $100 per night!
  • Confirmed Reservations can be booked and paid for directly through DVC Shop’s website.

How Do I Book A DVC Shop Rentals Confirmed Reservation?

Booking a DVC Shop Confirmed Reservation is a quick and simple process.

1. Shop our available reservations and once you find a reservation that fits your needs, click the Book This Stay button.

2. Complete the booking form and payment. 

3. Once the reservation has been booked and paid for, the DVC Shop Rentals team will contact the DVC Owner to update the reservation with your name and information. Note that this step can take approximately 48 hours. 

4. When the reservation has been updated with your information, the DVC Shop Rentals team will contact you to confirm your reservation and your check-in details with you. 

5. Enjoy your significantly discounted Disney Deluxe Resort stay!

What Are The Benefits Of Booking A DVC Shop Rentals Confirmed Reservation?

Confirmed Reservations can offer significant savings! Since reservation prices are determined directly by the DVC Owners pricing will vary. Renters can often find extremely discounted last minute stays available. 

In addition to saving money, renting a Confirmed Reservation also means you may find dates that may be sold out otherwise. Remember, these reservations were booked by the owner and may have been booked long ago during their 7-11 month booking window. So if you’re looking to travel during Spring Break, a busy holiday week, etc., be sure to check DVC Shop Rentals Confirmed Reservations to see if a reservation is available for those dates.

Where Do I Shop For DVC Shop Rentals Confirmed Reservations?

Shop discounted Disney Deluxe Resort stays 24/7 on the DVC Shop Rentals website. 


Katherine Rand

DVC Shop Editorial Team

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