EPCOT’s Space 220 Gets New Opening Date + Experience Photos


Space 220 has been in the works for EPCOT quite some time now. Way back in the summer of 2017 they announced this extraordinary dining experience was on its way to being added to the Mission: SPACE Pavillion, but guests are still waiting. Originally Disney gave an opening date of Winter 2019. Unfortunately this space-themed restaurant keeps coming up to one set back after another. 

Previous Delays for the Project

The originally planned executive chef chose to step away, which pushed back the opening to the beginning of 2020. The next issue came when some of the specialty custom glass was broken during construction and had to be remade. Then, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed it back even more. All of the Disney parks were closed until this past July leading to a lack of progress on this project and an unsure opening date for the long awaited dining experience.

New Launch Date Announced

Recently, Disney has released new information and photos to bring Space 220 to life. Space 220 will be a full experience restaurant, where not only the food will be out of this world, the views will be as well. Disney is hopeful that they can deliver this experience by March of 2021, but no official date is set in stone at this time.

EPCOT’s Space 220 Experience

When you dine at this restaurant you will begin a space adventure by entering a unique elevator that will move you up seemingly into the cosmos itself. The viewports in the elevator will allow guests to look at and see an incredible aerial view of EPCOT as you reach the top of the 220 foot tall creation. 

Once in the restaurant, guests will see specialized glass paneling that will create the illusion of being in outer space inside of a space station. The details of this can even be seen in the tables and chairs. Judging by the rendered images Disney released of the upcoming restaurant, the furniture will give visitors a futuristic feel, consistent with what one might find in a real space station.  

Although it is taking more time than originally thought due to unforeseen setbacks, the reality is that when Space 220 finally comes to fruition, the results will be a remarkable dining experience.

Are you planning on visiting Space 220 when it opens? Let us know in the comments below.

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