EPCOT’s New Rideshare Loop Is Now Open

EPCOT Rideshare Loop

EPCOT has opened its new rideshare loop, a major step forward in improving the park’s transportation system. This new feature is part of a broader park refresh and was one of the final projects of this initiative.

A Dedicated Rideshare Space

EPCOT Rideshare Loop Sign

The rideshare loop is situated near the HeiHei parking lot, which is part of the recently renamed “Earth” lots. The loop provides a dedicated space for rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft to pick up and drop off guests. Drivers can follow the loop to a waiting area to pick up riders and then continue out after completing the pickup.

Roadway to EPCOT Rideshare Loop

Clear signage directs guests from the drop-off area to the loop and from there to the park entrance. This layout significantly streamlines the process for both drivers and riders, reducing confusion and wait times.

EPCOT’s Transformation

World Celebration - EPCOT

The launch of the rideshare loop aligns with EPCOT’s transformation into four distinct neighborhoods: World Nature, World Celebration (which will be opening to the public in December), World Discovery, and the long-standing World Showcase. This overhaul reflects Disney’s commitment to continually improve and modernize the guest experience.

Lyft As A Key Partner

EPCOT Rideshare Loop is next to the HeiHei parking lot
EPCOT Rideshare Loop is next to the HeiHei parking lot

Lyft, a leading rideshare service, hosts the loop and is also a partner with Walt Disney World for the Minnie Van program. This collaboration indicates a strong relationship between Disney and rideshare services, further solidifying the place of these services in the Disney transportation ecosystem.

Looking Ahead

EPCOT Park Entrance Sign from Rideshare Loop

With the opening of the new rideshare loop, EPCOT has taken a significant step towards embracing the future of transportation. As rideshare services become increasingly prevalent, this new feature will undoubtedly enhance the guest experience and set a precedent for other parks to follow.

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