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Enjoy shareable dishes at eet by Maneet Chauhan, Disney Springs’ new Indian-inspired restaurant. Enjoy vibrant flavors & culture, ranging from savory to sweet.

eet by Maneet Chauhan Details

Walt Disney World Area: Disney Springs
Location: Marketplace
Dining Experience: Fast Casual
Hours: 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM
Price Range: $15 to $34.99
Type of Cuisine: Indian
Mobile Order: No
Reservations: No
Allergy-Friendly: No

Dining Overview

Build Your Own Bowl from eet by Maneet Chauhan
Build Your Own Bowl from eet by Maneet Chauhan

Disney Springs is recognized for its diverse array of dining options, and the newest addition, “eet” by Maneet Chauhan, is certainly no exception. This innovative Indian-inspired restaurant is set to tantalize taste buds with its unique flavors and vibrant ambience.

James Beard Award-winning chef and Food Network star, Maneet Chauhan, in collaboration with hospitality entrepreneur (and Chauhan’s husband), has created this groundbreaking restaurant. With its fast-casual style, eet offers a fresh take on Indian cuisine, appealing to both seasoned foodies and those new to Indian flavors.

A Unique Culinary Experience

eet by Maneet Chauhan menu
eet by Maneet Chauhan menu

Eet by Maneet Chauhan promises an immersive dining experience. The menu is designed to deliver “fun Indian food,” as described by their Instagram handle. This suggests an approachable yet adventurous menu, offering a modern twist on traditional Indian dishes.

Eet’s menu is a testament to Chef Chauhan’s creativity and her commitment to bringing authentic Indian flavors to the mainstream dining scene.

Grand Opening

The official opening of eet by Maneet Chauhan is slated for December 4th, 2023. This makes it the only Indian-inspired restaurant at Disney Springs, adding a fresh dimension to the dining options available at this popular destination.

The upcoming grand opening of eet by Maneet Chauhan is highly anticipated. Disney Springs is gearing up for this fresh addition to its culinary landscape. The restaurant’s vibrant ambience, combined with its innovative menu, is sure to make it a hot spot for food lovers.

The opening of eet by Maneet Chauhan is not just an addition to the dining options at Disney Springs, but also a celebration of Indian cuisine and culture. The restaurant aims to provide a unique dining experience that goes beyond just food, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of India.


Lunch and Dinner


Where to find eet by Maneet Chauhan at Disney Springs
Where to find eet by Maneet Chauhan at Disney Springs

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